The Financial Mindset Fix

The Financial Mindset Fix

A Mental Fitness Program for an Abundant Life

Folk wisdom says that money can’t buy happiness. For business consultant and psychotherapist Joyce Marter, the opposite is true. In The Financial Mindset Fix, Marter reveals that taking charge of your mental health invites in abundance. Through practical exercises, The Financial Mindset Fix calls you to shift your mindset to welcome prosperity.

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A Step-by-Step Guide for Cultivating Financial Well-Being
“Money is a story, one that too often is used against us. When you’re ready to engage with intention, this book can help rewrite your story.” —Seth Godin, author of The Practice
Does prosperity lead to happiness … or is it the other way around?
As a therapist, Joyce Marter noticed an extraordinary trend: as her clients improved their mental health, they also began receiving raises, getting promotions, finding better jobs, or starting their own successful businesses.
Since that epiphany, Marter has become a go-to expert on the “Psychology of Success”—establishing ways to help you improve your financial well-being by focusing on your psychological and relational issues around money. With The Financial Mindset Fix, Marter crystallizes her most powerful and effective practices for long-term prosperity. Here, she guides you through 12 essential mindsets for transforming your relationship with yourself to welcome a life of wealth. Within each are innovative exercises, self-assessment tools, and insights for shifting into a mindset of abundance.
In The Financial Mindset Fix, you will discover:

  • What it means to cultivate a holistic view of success
  • Why mindsets based on scarcity and zero-sum thinking lead to suffering
  • Possible triggers for financially risky behavior and how to defuse their power
  • The simultaneously challenging and surprisingly easy task of proper budgeting
  • Why holding on to resentment also holds you back from your potential
  • How to manage the desires of the ego without becoming either a doormat or a diva
  • Why acknowledging your interconnection with others gives rise to stronger empathy and collaboration
  • Mindfulness, lovingkindness, self-inquiry, and other practices—all refocused on financial wellness
 “We are all works in progress,” writes Marter. “No matter where you are on your journey, these tools are meant to be lifelong companions to a life of greater prosperity and joy.”




Hardcover Book

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