The Healing Trauma Program

The Healing Trauma Program

A Nine-Month Training to Regulate Your Nervous System, Embody Safety, and Become a Healing Presence

Despite the trauma that touches all of our lives—be it from natural disasters, medical emergencies, or any number of experiences—healing is possible. We invite you to join us for the Healing Trauma Program: A Nine-Month Training to Regulate Your Nervous System, Embody Safety, and Become a Healing Presence.

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While the anxiety, fear, stress, and worry of trauma are real, there is hope.

“We all hold the keys to our personal healing.”

With the Healing Trauma Program, renowned psychotherapist and expert in trauma treatment Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein invites you to participate in a transformational nine-month “blended learning” event combining virtual live sessions and self-paced learning to explore trauma—what it is, how it impacts us, and how we can cultivate skills to grow from adversity. 

Featuring teachings and practices from an esteemed collection of educators, researchers, and clinical practitioners, this program will give you the tools to more deeply understand your responses to trauma, anticipate your triggers, and uncover the solid ground within you during times of upheaval. This program speaks to the pain, trauma, and loss present from the pandemic, and from all the events in our largely unstable world right now.

Devoting yourself to this program will be a gift to yourself and others—an enriching, life-changing event with effects that will ripple over generations. For helping professionals of all kinds, parents, therapists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, leaders, coaches, educators, and more, this program takes great strides in closing the gap that is dividing us all, through:


Learn how to soothe and balance your nervous system during distressing situations.

Trauma Response Control

Uncover internal pathways of safety and connection so they become a familiar, well-worn path—instead of old patterns.

Recognizing Trauma Triggers

Discover how to recognize your personal trauma triggers and, more importantly, how to deal with them. 

Real-Time Tools for everyday trauma

Small practices to do when you notice you’re in an arousal state but feel you don’t have any power.

Become a Healing Presence

Be the calm person in the room: an open, receptive, caring source of comfort for others.

Participants will benefit from:

World-Renowned Faculty

Learn with a diverse faculty of experts drawing from their professional and personal experience to guide you through the curriculum. 

Cutting-edge research

Benefit from the abundance of understanding and information that has resulted from the last two decades of research on trauma.

Skills, practices, and tools 

Develop greater resiliency, inner peace, healthier relationships, and more—for self-healing and working with others

Deep work for all types of trauma

Explorations of the many types of trauma we encounter—intergenerational, personal, and collective

Online learning

Access to over 30 hours of content—some live, some pre-recorded—from the comfort and privacy of your personal space.

Monthly Office Hours

Two live Office Hours sessions with Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein for you to ask questions about the content or help address any struggles you may have along the way.


Online Learning

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