Living with Vulnerability

Living with Vulnerability

Venture into the Heart of Enlightenment

Begin your journey to greater openness and self-acceptance. In Living with Vulnerability, Pema Chödrön shares how to treat your life experience with the same love and support you offer your truest friends. As you unravel your habitual patterns—like fear of vulnerability—you begin to experience your true nature filled with limitless potential.

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We are, by our very nature, vulnerable beings. We resist that which makes us uncomfortable, and when faced with feelings of vulnerability—whether from loss, fear, or self-criticism—we automatically put up barriers. But we cannot ever truly avoid feeling vulnerable—it’s part of the human experience.

By getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, however, we can work toward taming the one thing that causes the most suffering—the mind. Join Pema Chödrön and Tim Olmsted for this online training designed to help you: 

• Embrace difficult emotions
• Develop "discomfort resilience"
• Learn through challenges
• Befriend your weaknesses
• Strengthen your relationships
• Stay present to experience 

What if you could learn to embrace the full spectrum of your experience with unconditional warmth, openness, and kindness? What if you no longer "hated" being vulnerable and, instead of overwhelming you, your emotions became your teachers? What if you chose gentle acceptance of yourself and others over harsh judgment?

In the Buddhist contemplative tradition, we are taught that our fundamental state of being is one where we are wide open, awake, and possessing an immense capacity for love. By staying present to whatever arises in your mind, you can begin to make just such a shift in thinking.

When you register for the Living with Vulnerability online training program, you not only get lifetime access to the complete curriculum, you’ll receive guided meditation audios, journaling exercises, and two bonus products. Begin your journey today to greater openness and a new depth of self-acceptance in all areas of your life.



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