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Becoming the Hero of Your Journey

Becoming the Hero of Your Journey

A 25-Day Adventure into the Mysterious, Gifted, Goofy, Authentic Self That You Are

Would you rather live your life meeting other people’s expectations, doing what you should, and playing it safe just to feel secure—or by following your deepest passion and making the contribution that only you can? Hopefully it’s the latter. On Becoming the Hero of Your Journey, join emotional healing coach and international speaker JP Sears for a 25-day “bite-sized” audio adventure to unfold a life of authenticity, connection, happiness, and fulfillment.

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A 25-Day Adventure Where YOU Get to Be the Hero


Who am I and why am I here, you ask? You’re here to be the hero of your own heroic journey. And there’s no one better than you to do it. With Becoming the Hero of Your Journey, JP Sears takes you through a 25-day series of mini yet mighty adventures for emotional healing, reclaiming the forgotten parts of yourself, and breaking through the limitations of what you think is possible. In each lesson, JP shares helpful teachings and practical exercises for making the trek with confidence, levity, and inner peace. There will be pain. There will be discomfort. But on the bright side, you’ll see some unprecedented growth and evolution.

A Three-Stage Journey to Authenticity and Fulfillment

The trip with JP begins by acknowledging how crappy your life is, to whatever extent of crappiness that may be. Why has it gotten so crappy? Because deep inside you know it’s time to let go of the false persona you’ve been busily perfecting and answer the call of who you really are supposed to be. This ain’t easy but JP has your back. This section is aptly called, “The Call.”

The next phase of your journey is even more fun! It’s “The Initiation.” Think of it as a spiritual (and legal) form of hazing. You get the pleasure of going through what is affectionately referred to as a “trial by fire.” Yep, we go pyro here and burn away the self-identity that isn’t who we are despite building it for the entirety of our lives to this point.

Don’t worry—it doesn’t end there, with you as a worthless pile of ash. The final stage of your heroic journey is none other than “The Return.” Like the fiery phoenix, you get to rise from the ashes of the false self and be reborn into your fully genuine self in all its authentic glory. Plus, you’ll have a few amazing things to offer the world around you. (No spoilers here …) The Journey That Keeps on Journeying
“It’s not called ’the hero’s destination,’” says JP. “It’s called the hero’s journey. And this journey is an upward spiral of personal growth and evolution that has no ceiling.” Here is his invitation to “keep spiraling upward,” fully engaged in the daily adventure of risking to be more and more the real you.



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