The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Volume 4

The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Volume 4

Turning Preference into Peace

We’re taught to believe that happiness comes when we fulfill our needs and wants—it seems obvious, right? Yet we realize that no matter what we achieve, it never satisfies for long. Here, Michael A. Singer invites us to address the roots of suffering: our energy blockages and the delusions of insufficiency, fear, and false need that they create.

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Transcend the illusion of "not enough" and find true fulfillment with bestselling author Michael A. Singer
"Once I have a loving partner, I'll be happy. And also a better career. And more money. And spiritual enlightenment . . ."
Happiness comes when we fulfill our needs and preferences—it seems obvious, right? Yet most of us eventually realize that no matter what we achieve, it never satisfies us for long. Why? And what can we do about it?

With The Untethered Soul Lecture Series, Volume 4: Turning Preference into Peace, acclaimed teacher and author Michael A. Singer invites us to get to the roots of our suffering: the blockages of the energy body and the delusions of insufficiency, fear, and false need that they create.
In these talks, we learn that trying to change our external situations—or even our internal thoughts and emotions—leads eventually to disappointment. The only sure path to freedom, teaches Singer, is to practice letting go at an even deeper level—to discover the seat of the true self, our source of limitless fulfillment. What happens when we do?
In Singer's words:
"Where you felt disturbance, you now feel peace. Where you felt hate, you feel love. Where you felt need, you feel only wholeness and completeness. You experience everything with utter joy and wonder."

Whether you're new or well versed in Michael A. Singer's life-changing book The Untethered Soul, these intimate talks will delight you with his gift for live teaching, as he illuminates the book’s core insights with clarity, depth, and humor.
Includes many new practices and reflections that expand upon the book.

Program highlights:

• You are whole and complete—how to experience this essential truth.
• The root of disturbance—the energetic cause of loneliness, anxiety, and the illusion of "not enough."
• Relaxing into the flow of your thoughts and emotions.
• Returning to wholeness—how to transcend your problems, needs, and preferences.
• How we try to use others to compensate for our inner lacking.
• What does a healthy relationship look like?
• Simple, powerful practices to transform worries and deep-seated false needs into beautiful energy.





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