In celebration of Awesome Humans and the launch of The Awesome Human Project by Nataly Kogan, Sounds True is pleased to offer a curated collection of products to support the International Rescue Committee (IRC) community of refugees, staff, and volunteers. The collection has been hand picked for you by Sounds True and Nataly Kogan. To access this collection free of charge, click the "Add to Cart" button below.

Products Included


21 Days to More Joy and Less Stress

Experience more joy and less stress in a 21-day journey with world-renowned happiness expert Nataly Kogan
What do happier people all have in common? Gratitude. Time and again, gratitude has been scientifically proven to be a critical ingredient for a happy, healthy life, and in Gratitude Daily, happiness expert Nataly Kogan takes you on a 21-day audio journey to build your gratitude skills.
Gratitude isn’t a feeling you get from something outside of you—it’s a skill that you can learn and improve through regular practice.” —Nataly Kogan
Gratitude Daily brings you 21 short, fun lessons that you can do anytime and anywhere, featuring practices such as “Gratitude Zoom,” “Tiny Miracles,” and “Gratitude for Imperfection.” In each 10-15 minute lesson, you’ll not only learn how to do each practice, but why, as Nataly shares fascinating tidbits from psychology, neuroscience, and her own successes.
By the end of your gratitude journey you’ll not only have created a solid gratitude habit, you’ll have actually changed your brain in ways that bring you more joy, better health, and greater resiliency going forward.



A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind

From Pema Chödrön, her first in-depth how-to meditation book for creating and enjoying a fulfilling practice

Pema Chödrön is celebrated worldwide for her ability to transmit teachings that awaken peace, understanding, and compassion into our lives. With How to Meditate, the American-born Tibetan Buddhist nun offers us a complete guide to exploring the essentials for a lifelong practice.

More and more of us are beginning to recognize a deep inner longing for authenticity, connection, and aliveness. Meditation, Pema explains, gives us a golden key to address this yearning. Here, she shows us how to meet and relate with our minds, embrace the fullness of all experience, and live in a wholehearted way.

“The ultimate reason why we practice is so that we can become completely loving people. And this is what the world needs,” writes Pema. How to Meditate provides us with a perfect way to begin that journey.



A Mind-Body Approach to Becoming Whole

From a leading voice in the field, an in-depth audio guide to healing PTSD in the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.
The aftermath of a single event or repeated trauma can profoundly shape how we experience the rest of our lives. Whether it occurred in childhood, a recent relationship, a catastrophe, or other situation, trauma can have lifelong effects: anxiety, depression, chronic health issues, flashbacks, a disconnection from the body, trust and intimacy challenges, or feeling worthless and broken.
Yet, as impossible as it may seem now, says Dr. Arielle Schwartz, you can return to wholeness.
This pioneering psychotherapist, a survivor of complex trauma herself, has helped thousands to find lasting resilience, loving connection, and fulfillment. With Trauma Recovery, she brings us a compassionate and practice-oriented audio resource for transformation and growth.
Intended to complement one-on-one therapy, this course guides us into the current research on PTSD and complex PTSD (trauma caused by multiple events), symptoms, and the most effective modalities—enriched with many guided exercises.
With her, you'll explore: the neurobiology of PTSD, somatic (body-based) therapies, trauma-specific mindfulness practices, cognitive behavioral strategies, EMDR, parts work therapies, relational-cultural therapy, and more.

Session One: Understanding Trauma
Session Two: Trauma and the Body: Healing Trauma Through Embodiment
Session Three: The Fertile Ground of Resilience
Session Four: The Curious Paradox Between Acceptance and Change
Session Five: The Hero’s Journey and Trauma Recovery
Session Six: Awakening Your Potential and Post-Traumatic Growth



Engaging with the Healing Genius in Your Intense Emotions

Learn the Skills to Develop Your Emotional Resilience.
Embracing the wisdom of our emotions—instead of avoiding them—is at once a powerful way to show up in the world and a powerful avenue for personal transformation. With How to Stay Grounded in Troubled Times, you will learn to work with your most challenging emotions so you can stop getting overwhelmed, and start seeing the deeper purpose of anxiety, panic, rage, and apathy.
Join expert teacher Karla McLaren for 5 easy-to-digest video training sessions that will help you.



Guided Meditations and Simple Exercises for Children, Teens, and Families

We do our best when we feel relaxed, capable, and confident. Teenagers and children are no different. Practices for Growing Up Mindful offers parents, educators, counselors, and caregivers a wealth of exercises and meditations to empower our kids to handle the stress and complexity of modern life in wise and healthy ways.
With this audio companion to his book Growing Up Mindful, Dr. Christopher Willard brings you the tools he has found the most effective in his work with children and teens and as a leader in training educators, therapists, and other professionals. Organized to address the three core building blocks of mindfulness.



Create a Life-Changing Meditation Practice in Less Than 15 Minutes a Day!

Mindfulness Daily brings you a 40-day training in mindfulness meditation with two of the world's most respected meditation teachers, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Each daily 10 to 15 minute lesson includes a short talk and a guided meditation. To create this program, Jack and Tara distilled their extensive body of work into the 40 essential lessons you need the most.