The interesting thing about being in prison is that it stops people cold, and for the first time in their lives, they can stop thinking about hustling and trying to survive and start thinking about the purpose of their lives.

Bo Lozoff, founder of the Prison Ashram Project

Like many prisoners, I did my time in a very isolated prison where there was no access to meditation or yoga groups. The books and tapes I received from friends and publishers like Sounds True were critical to my spiritual development and path of transformation over 14 years in prison. Receiving a particular spiritual book, CD or DVD in the mail at the right time can catalyze a whole new dimension of growth for someone behind bars.

Fleet Maull, ex-prisoner, founder of Prison Dharma Network

Today, there are more than 2.2 million people in federal or state prisons and jails—that's nearly one in every 136 U.S. residents—and the numbers are continuing to rise. Since 1993, Sounds True has sought to bring a little light into these dark corridors by sending our used books, music, and audio programs to the Prison Dharma Network and the Prison Library Project. Through these programs, prisoners are given the opportunity to cultivate hope and a greater self-knowing.


Send us your used Sounds True CDs, DVDs, and books, and we will forward your donations to inmates throughout the U.S. In return, you will receive a $10 eGift Card from from Sounds True that you can apply toward a future purchase. Please Include your first and last name and an email address in your package, as the eGift Card is delivered electronically via email.

Here's some of the feedback we've received from prisoners throughout the years:

I read your book Walking with Grandfather. Boy did it make me think that I've forgotten who I am. I have 18 brothers and sisters and left school early to help pay the bills. Now, I'm 50 years old with two boys. When I was younger, my mother told me I was going down the wrong trail. She was right but I didn't hear her. Now, I know what she meant. You don't think about what you are told when you are a kid. You need time to stop and think. That's what your book did for me. Thank you.

W.H., Camp Hill, PA

I have already benefited greatly from Insight Meditation, the 12-Month Meditation Correspondence Course. It's this rare kindness that overwhelms me when in prison, as it is so rare to find. My goal in prison is to gain as much insight into the spiritual journey as possible. I'm in the best part of my life for learning and accepting those spiritual truths that seem so right to me.

G.A., Dannemora, NY

I've been sitting in the chapel sound room listening to one of your programs about healing the father-son wound. I've always hated my father but never knew why nor have I wanted to change the way I feel. As I listened, I began to bawl like a baby. I'm glad I was alone because I couldn't stop myself. I called my dad that night and asked him if he would visit, which he has not done since I came to prison. Thanks to Sounds True for letting me feel something positive for the first time in years.


Thank you for your generous donation of self-help and meditation programs. These programs have been well-received by the men here and they too extend their thanks and gratitude. With your donation, you are helping in the effort to change their lives to be crime and drug free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Minnesota Department of Corrections

We received your donation. What a great gift! I hope you know how much the inmates appreciate any acknowledgement that they're not forgotten and that someone cares about their well-being and growth. God bless you real good. With peace and love.

Visions for Prisons, Costa Mesa, CA

Thank you so much for your kind gift. At a time of ever-increasing inmate populations and constant decrease of funding, any effort made to help inmates transform themselves is driven by volunteers and donation. In light of this, your donation has value above any material price one could put up on it. In a world filled with fear, your expression of love to us was a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

M.G., Helena, OK

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NOTE: Please include your first and last name and an email address with your package.

Limit one $10 eGift Card per customer, per year please.

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