As part of our commitment to creating a work environment that honors every facet of life, Sounds True employees are invited to bring their four-legged friends to the office. We are grateful for the cheerful and loving energy that comes from sharing our space with our canine companions—as many as 15 on any given day! Here are some of the dogs (and cats) that regularly join us in our work and play:


Companion: Tami Simon, Founder and Publisher

Description: “Razzie” (Full name: Raspberry; most popular nicknames include Razcal, Raz, Razzle Dazzle, Razmatazz, and Razcallion) is an all-black spoodle, which means she is half cocker spaniel and half poodle. Often referred to in North America as a “cockapoo,” Tami and Julie prefer the Australian naming of this mixed breed because of the “ooooh” sound in “oodle.” At this writing, Raz is just a puppy, known for her ceaselessly joyful and mischievous nature.

Razzie Recommends:

How history's spiritual trailblazers light the way on our own evolutionary journeys.

Her favorite Sounds True program is Divine Rebels, enamored as she is with the pioneering mystics throughout history who took great leaps of faith (Raz loves to jump from heights and find herself airborne), and who forged their own path regardless of cultural norms (Raz thinks noses are for biting).


Companion: Kristen Combs, Accounts Receivabl

Description: Abe is a 6(ish)-year-old German Shepherd with achondroplastic dwarfism. He was adopted by Kristen from a German Shepherd rescue in Denver, after being transferred from a shelter in New Mexico. A fragile, sweet soul with a traumatic past and chronic pain, Abe's trust does not come easily. When he first joined the Sounds True family, even Kristen could not look in his direction, and human contact was both scary and physically painful. With the patience and love of the whole company, he has blossomed into the loving creature we all adore. He is now a proud, handsome fella with abundant dog and human friends (Raspberry is his BFF) who takes his job of guarding his home, his cat brothers Corbett, Edgar Allen Poe, and Steve, and his mom Kristen very seriously. He can often be found shuffling through the hallways of Sounds True bringing smiles and joy to all who see him.

Abe Recommends:

How history's spiritual trailblazers light the way on our own evolutionary journeys.

"Pema showed me how to heal from my past and find friendship and compassion, both for others and, more importantly, for myself."



Companion: Kasmah McDermott, Executive Assistant & Benefits Administrator

Description: Scruffy (aka Scruffalicious, Scruffs, Scruffalo) loves to come to work at Sounds True and takes his job of napping very seriously!

Scruffy Recommends:



Join this renowned teacher as she presents insights and practical exercises for turning your challenges into your greatest allies and teachers.


Companion: Kasmah McDermott, Executive Assistant & Benefits Administrator

Description: Bleu is a Chinese Crested and Westie mix. He is a happy little guy who loves everyone, even his grumpy brother, Scruffy. His favorite hobbies are: walks, chewing, looking out of windows, and cuddling.

Bleu Recommends:

Mindfulness Daily brings you a 40-day training in mindfulness meditation with two of the world’s most respected meditation teachers, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Each daily 10–15 minute lesson includes a short talk and a guided meditation. To create this program, Jack and Tara distilled their extensive body of work into the 40 essential lessons you need the most. Content is delivered both online and in a new app, making this program incredibly accessible, comprehensive, and affordable.

“I like starting my day meditating with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. This program prepares me for everything that life throws at me and gives me a few more moments relaxing before getting out of bed.”



Companion: Amy Sinopoli, Contracts Manager

Description: Ruby is a miniature Australian Shepherd whose purpose in life, it seems, is to make all who come in contact with her feel good. She is always ready and willing to offer up her little 15-pound potato-shaped body to anyone who needs some love or comfort. Her favorite things are small humans, big humans, other dogs, treats, and tennis balls (in that order). She lives in the mountains with her human, where she enjoys the cool mountain air in the summer and fall and copious amounts of snowfall in the winter and spring.

Ruby Recommends:

What if every feeling—even anger and fear—was bringing you vital information and wisdom?


Companion: Jaime Schwalb, Associate Publisher

Description: Olive (aka Olive-loo or Sweetledee) is one of the newest (and most outspoken) members of the editorial team. She hails from the Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue and has settled into the halls and hearts of Sounds True in record time. Olive has an amazing ability to open doors, jump baby gates (or miraculously remove them altogether), and generally make her presence known. Outside the office, she enjoys long hikes and runs with Jaime and thrives on heavy doses of daily doting.

Olive Recommends:

A complete course on somatic experiencing—a revolutionary method for releasing trauma.

“I am a rescue dog, and I have had some trauma that made me anxious and afraid. Healing takes time and patience, but it is worth it to be happy.”



Companion: Joe Ditta, Copy Chief

Description: Millie is a sweet, dignified, deeply concerned Setter/Spaniel who loves chasing squirrels and birds, snuggling in bed, and lots of attention and fun.

Millie Recommends:

Modern science and spiritual wisdom combined in a mindful approach to lasting change.

The Neuroscience of Change helps me learn new tricks as I grow older.”



Companion: Lisa Thomas, Audio Editor

Description: Annie is a retired momma who has come a long way from her days on the streets of Wyoming. She is very pleased to be a part of the Sounds True dog pack. Annie enjoys positive attention, giving kisses, lounging in the sunshine, and doing her “happy dance” (wiggling around on her back with a big smile on her face). Her favorite place at Sounds True is in customer service, where she receives all the loving she could ever ask for.

Annie Recommends:

Modern science and spiritual wisdom combined in a mindful approach to lasting change.

“What else is there?”



Companion: Lisa Thomas, Audio Editor

Description: Jack is one of the newer members of the Sounds True dog family. His mom was found as a stray on a cold winter night in a suburb of Denver and the next day gave birth to 12 puppies. ColoRADogs (a local bully breed advocacy group) came to the rescue, mom and puppies were fostered, and now each of them has a forever home. Jack is a goofy and handsome fellow who loves to play and snuggle—he thinks he is a lap dog despite the fact he weighs over 70 pounds. His favorite part of the workday is playtime in the backyard with his fellow Sounds True pups.

Jack Recommends:

Soothing music created specifically to meet a cat's need for consistency and stability.

“Three of my siblings are cats and I have witnessed the calming effect this program has on them—it’s a lifesaver!”



Companion: Andrew Pike, Audio Editor

Description: Miles is a lifelong Sounds True puppy. Here from the week he was adopted to now, he has grown much like our employees and customers. Perhaps more physically than spiritually, but you never know, he was happy from the minute he set foot through the door!

Miles Recommends:

A pilgrimage of compassion through music, melding traditional and original compositions.

“I just met you, and this is crazy, but I am a puppy, and I love you unconditionally.”



Companion: Ranée Kahler, Production Artist


Description: Evy (aka Evelyn Masters) is a Jack Russell Terrier pup who loves people and food alike. Her energy goes beyond limits. She loves to run, play ball, cuddle, and explore new trails.Evy

Evy Recommends:

Mindfulness Daily at Work brings you a 40-day training in mindfulness meditation with two of the world’s most respected meditation teachers, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Each daily 10–15 minute lesson includes a short talk and a guided meditation. To create this program, Jack and Tara distilled their extensive body of work into the 40 essential lessons you need the most. Content is delivered both online and in a new app, making this program incredibly accessible, comprehensive, and affordable.


Companion: Rachael Murray, Senior Art Director

Description: “I was a homeless puppy living with coyotes on the railroad tracks behind Sounds True. I still feel a little wild, but I am growing up into a good boy.”

Hobart Recommends:

For parents, educators, counselors, caregivers—anyone looking to share mindfulness with the young people in their lives—Growing Up Mindful is a step-by-step guidebook with more than 75 mindfulness exercises to learn, model, and integrate into the lives of children of all ages and interests.

Growing Up Mindful has helped me live in civilization. When I want to bite something, I use my favorite practice for impulse control called ‘HALT’ to quickly check in with my feelings and needs. When I feel anxious I practice ‘3-2-1 Contact’ to ground and calm myself. Of course I still need my quiet time, but now with Dr. Willard’s help, I think humans are pretty okay.”



Companion: Wendy Pardo, Vice President of Operations

Description: Calvin is a rescue Bernese Mountain mix with a calm and sensitive personality. His favorite things are being groomed and lying in the snow all winter long. Kayla is a rescue Chocolate Lab mix, she is very social and loves to be in the action at all times.

Calvin and Kayla Recommend:

Sounds True’s founder distills 30 years of spiritual exploration into key lessons for living your own truth.


Companion: Shaqaula Johnson, eCommerce Marketing Specialist

Description: Always here to cuddle and play, I am my happiest right next to you while we are off onto our new adventure!

Finn Recommends:

Distilled from Pema Chödrön’s commencement speech at Naropa University on the day of her granddaughter’s graduation, this offering from the beloved teacher and author offers us a gem of clarity and compassion to help us get back on our feet and into our hearts.

“This book is a good reminder to never give up. Pema is oh so wise!”



Companion: Hallie Middle, Royalties Administrator

Description: Pinto is part Australian Cattle Dog, part Amazing, and part Wonderful. She came with her litter to snuggle all of Sounds True for a bit one day. Her mom picked her up and never wanted to set her down. After a big day of snuggles with other local businesses she was brought to her forever home that evening and came back to Sounds True the very next day. She has the joy of growing up with a sister at work, and at home finding every excuse possible to be outside, preferably romping in the mountains.

Pinto Recommends:

A book of poems for children about experiencing mindfulness through our connection with nature.


Companion: Chloé Prusiewicz, Product Marketing Manager

Description: Phoebe (aka Phoeberz, Fuzzy-butt, or just Cat) is the bold and brave cat who decided to take over her mama's cube, and maybe a few other offices too. A rescue cat who was stuck in a crate for over a year before her fur-parents adopted her, she loves chasing just about anything, exploring new horizons, and napping on her human's clothes (we often find her napping in our laundry hamper). She is still quite the kitten at heart and a real diva of a cat. She likes to come into Sounds True to visit everyone for pets, treats, and to gaze out their windows. She especially likes the walks outside where she can pounce on grasshoppers in the tall grass and roll around in the dirt. Dogs aren't so scary anymore, but she still prefers the company of loving humans over the barky dogs any day.

Phoebe Recommends:

Interest in sustainable beekeeping is at an all-time high. For anyone eager to learn more about this increasingly popular activity, Song of Increase is a book with the potential to change not just the way you look at honeybees, but your entire relationship with the natural world. “Bee whisperer” Jacqueline Freeman, whose bee and farm YouTube videos have been watched more than a million times, shares spiritual wisdom and practical insights for engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship with these surprising creatures.


Companion: Jaclyn Hawkins, Product Marketing Manager

Description: I am Fitzgerald (aka Fitzie, Sweet Potato, soul sista). I spend my days curled up on my mom's meditation mat; it might look like I'm napping, but I'm really just super zen. My favorite Sounds True offering is the Year of Mindfulness, so I can hear from new teachers every month and spend my days “meditating” on what I'm learning.

Fitz Recommends:

An online mindfulness and meditation training that brings together leading teachers and practitioners from around the world to create a global community for mindful living.


Our furry friends are part of the Sounds True family. Though the following beloved companions have passed, they live on in our memories.

JASMINE (1998–2015)

Companion: Tami Simon, Founder and Publisher



Product Recommendation:

Develop skills to find satisfaction in each meal and accept your body’s natural weight.

FIFE (1999–2015)

Companion: Kristen Combs, Accounts Receivable



Product Recommendation:

A six-part presentation on how to tap the creative power of all that lies in darkness.

ULA (2008–2016)

Companion: Trista Rucks, HR Director



Product Recommendation:

Medically sound, easy-to-learn practices to activate and harness your healing energy.

ANDE (2006–2016)

Companion: April Sargent, Operations Manager



Product Recommendation:

Myss explains why being of service to others is not an option, but a biological necessity.

UNA (–2016)

Companion: Becca Job, Proofreader



Product Recommendation:

Guided mini-practices to drop you into the infinite possibilities of the moment.

PIPER (–2016)

Companion: Hayden Peltier, Technical Producer



Product Recommendation:

Ambient music based on the vibrational frequencies of life’s most essential element.

LUNA (2006-2018)

Companion: Grayson Towler, Deputy Copy Chief



Product Recommendation:

Twelve pinnacle teaching sessions on how to break through the limits of the rational mind.

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