Bringing the Benefits of Transformational Education to Communities in Need

At Sounds True we believe that everyone has the right to access transformational tools and teachings to build greater resilience, compassion, and freedom. By making these tools freely available, without financial constraint, we help create a kinder and wiser world.

The Sounds True Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization designed to make transformational education widely available to communities in need, including survivors of violence, at-risk youth, prisoners, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and those in developing countries. We are also focused on training social leaders in the skills of mindful awareness from areas such as law enforcement, education, social justice, and environmental activism.

The Sounds True Foundation currently has three areas of focus:

    1. Training Mindful Champions: We fund scholarships for social leaders to become certified mindfulness teachers in areas such as prison ministry, hospice care, mental health, and environmental activism.
    2. Meaningful Partnerships: We make Sounds True’s books and learning programs available to partner organizations that are serving communities in need, free of charge.
    3. Online Course Scholarships: We create access to Sounds True’s online courses by providing scholarships for those experiencing financial hardship.


With your financial support, thousands of lives could be changed by learning the skills of mindfulness and emotional awareness in communities where they are most needed.

We wholeheartedly invite you to join our efforts in creating a kinder and wiser world.

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