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Given the undeniable reality of a cancer diagnosis, how can you create joy, health, and hope? On Cancer as a Turning Point Volume II, 11 inspiring authors, many of whom are thriving after cancer diagnoses, reframe the healing process in a positive, creative, and spiritual light. Central to this collection is a re-visioning of cancer as the wisdom disease; the illness that can teach us how to live.

This information-filled anthology of real-world wisdom includes:

Lawrence LeShan, PhD
Cancer as a Turning Point
A researcher and clinical psychologist who has worked with people with cancer for more than 40 years, Dr. LeShan has found that illness can be the turning point that allows you to discover your own individual ways of being, creating, and relating.

Jeanne Achterberg, PhD
The Power of Human Relationships
A cancer survivor and pioneer in the use of healing imagery, Dr. Achterberg shows that our relationships with other people are vital to our physical and emotional well-being, particularly in the face of illness.

Course objectives:

  • Identify social and emotional factors contributing to cancer
  • Analyze alternative health and wellness studies on cancer treatment
  • Discuss how the cancer experience can be an opportunity for growth and transformation
  • List progressive therapies and resources for people dealing with cancer
  • Utilize the stories and teachings of those who specialize in the field of cancer therapy

Wayne Muller
How Then Shall We Live?
Ordained minister, therapist, and author Wayne Muller uses poetry and true stories of transformation to answer the questions that confront us in times of trouble: "Who am I?" "Why me?" "How shall I live?" and "What is my gift to the family of the earth?"

Susan Chernak McElroy
Cancer: A Gift That Keeps on Giving
A long-term survivor of metastatic head and neck cancer, Susan McElroy connects the quality of our relationships with animals and the natural world to the state of our health and well-being.

Martin L. Rossman, MD
Mobilizing Your Healing Abilities
The award-winning author of Fighting Cancer from Within teaches you how to harness the power of your imagination to boost your immune system, speed healing, and simply feel better.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer
The Call: Discovering Why You Are Here
This bestselling poet and teacher illuminates the value of learning to live with not knowing, and the importance of story and poetry to a life fully lived.

Jeanne Wallace, PhD, CNC
How Diet and Nutrition Can Help Control Cancer
This clinical nutrition consultant and authority on integrative cancer care takes the focus off of the illness and puts it on the person, teaching how foods and nutrients can enhance your body's ability to be healthy.

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD
The Will to Live
With 50 years of experience fighting a life-threatening disease, the cofounder and medical director of the Commonwealth Cancer Help Program and bestselling author of Kitchen Table Wisdom uses inspiring stories from her own and others' lives to explore the mysteries of relationship, anger, death, life, and the will to live.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD
Cancer: The Wisdom Disease
The renowned Jungian analyst and bestselling author of Close to the Bone talks about the meaning and purpose of life, and how a cancer diagnosis can lead to increased wisdom about why we are here.

Elaine Whitefeather
From Trauma to Triumph
A survivor of cancer as well as childhood abuse, parental alcoholism, racism, and sexual assault, Whitefeather is a living example of how you can turn any obstacle into an opportunity to grow in health, wholeness, and personal power.

Terri Tate, RN, MS
Shopping as a Spiritual Path
A 10-year survivor of an extensive battle with oral cancer, Tate, in a hilarious recap of her journey to recovery, proves that you can—and must—find your own unique path to healing. 

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