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Full Spectrum Sound Healing

Full Spectrum Sound Healing

Light Earth Air Water

Specifically created for healing work, four ambient albums for deep relaxation.

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Science has shown that sound frequencies occurring in nature can literally feed the brain, heal the body, and stimulate elevated levels of consciousness. “Full Spectrum Sound” is an innovative therapeutic concept that uses these frequencies to promote health and wholeness from the cellular level up.

With Full Spectrum Sound Healing, master ambient sound technician and composer Alex Theory offers a collection of four musically satisfying and powerfully healing albums based on the elements that make up our world. Designed for massage therapists, body workers, and practitioners in any sound healing modality, Full Spectrum Sound Healing includes:

  • Water—The soothing vibrations of life’s most essential element, harnessed with specially designed water chimes
  • Light—The energy of light translated into a rich sonic tapestry that calms the senses, nurtures the spirit, and bathes you in an atmosphere of therapeutic radiance
  • Earth—Eight tracks embedded with the Schumann Resonance, a natural electromagnetic frequency that pervades and supports all life on our world
  • Air—Atmospheric layers of ambient sound created with scientifically designed chimes based on the vibrational frequencies of oxygen molecules





Contents 4 CDs (4 hours, 24 minutes)
Dimensions 5 x 5 inches
Product Code MM01475D

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