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Healing Music Project: Radiance

Healing Music Project: Radiance

Eight Pioneers Explore the Healing Power of Music

David Darling, Jorge Alfano, Russill Paul, Ronnie Seldin, Jim Oliver, and more.

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Over the last 10 years, The Relaxation Company has produced over 40 unique recordings from a diverse group of sound healers. In addition to being extraordinary musicians and composers, many are music therapists, teachers, medical professionals, and authors. These are visionaries of a future healing art, and we are proud to support their enormous creativity, intelligence, and generosity.

Track 1
Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT, is an award-winning singer, psychologist, and music therapist. By combining vocal invocations with cello, Tibetan bowls, keyboard, and bass, she transforms an exhalation into a transcendent cross-cultural adventure to boundless radiance, openness, and love.

Track 2
Jorge Alfano is a multi-instrumentalist and music therapist who has spent the last 30 years performing and teaching around the world. Drawing upon the musical traditions of South America, Africa, and Japan, he creates a universal music that crosses all borders and musical styles.

Track 3
David Darling is a Grammy-nominated cellist and composer who deftly combines New Age, jazz, and world music with an incomparable flare for spontaneous creativity. His ensemble of cello, piano, flute, and world percussion smoothly unfold into circular rhythms and spirited grooves.

Track 4
The Harmonix Ensemble, a group of music therapists and talented musicians, unite art and science to create a new music that is as beautiful to listen to as it is beneficial. Carefully selected rhythms, timbres, and harmonies work synergistically to stir your mind, body, and spirit.

Track 5
Russill Paul took a detour from his successful music career to spend five years as a monk, where he studied nada yoga, which is the ancient yoga of sound. This enlivening chant will introduce you to the practice of using melodic chanting to facilitate emotional balance and freedom from stress.

Track 6
Brian Scott Bennett is a meditation teacher and Hollywood film score producer who learned about inner exploration from Fritz Perls, Stan Grof, and many others. His entrancing compositions can serve as a guide to relaxation, meditation, and physical and spiritual well-being.

Track 7
Jim Oliver is an Emmy-award winning composer who has been exploring sound healing for over three decades. This healing composition for grand piano, violin, guitar, and percussion will help you to get in touch with your own inner source of health, vitality and well-being.

Track 8
Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin is an internationally renowned master of the shakuhachi, a Japanese bamboo flute used to enhance healing and meditation. Nyogetsu’s soothing flute melodies will bring you to a place of balance where you’ll feel free to let go of all worries and tension.





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