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One of the most trusted voices in science-based spirituality offers a powerful antidote for our culture of division.


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In a time when we have more technologies than ever for connecting, why is our world so divided? One main factor is the phenomenon of “tribalism”—the human tendency to become so identified with a group that we become blind to the ideas, qualities, and even humanity of others. “Most of us are part of the problem of tribalism,” says bestselling author Robert Wright. “Natural selection engineered the human mind to be susceptible to this way of thinking.” Yet there is hope for us individually and as a species—and it starts with the ancient prescription of mindfulness.

With How Mindfulness Can Heal the World, Wright presents a deeply informative and practical audio workshop filled with insights and guided practices to help us evolve beyond tribal thinking, including:
• What drives tribalism? The underlying psychology and evolution of “us and them.”
• How mindfulness addresses the roots of tribalism and helps us see ourselves and the world clearly.
• Overcoming confirmation bias, cultivating objectivity, practicing empathy and compassion, and much more.

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