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Michael Harner’s Shamanic Journey Musical Bow No. 4

Michael Harner’s Shamanic Journey Musical Bow No. 4

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Journeywork® Series

The unique Brazilian berimbau creates a subtle journey space for shamanic practitioners.

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Each program in this series has been specifically designed for serious journey work as explained by Michael Harner in his classic work The Way of the Shaman. These professional recordings have been digitally remastered for excellent journeying results.

The musical bow is the percussive sound of a single plucked string stretched tautly between the ends of a bowed stick, an instrument once utilized by many tribal shamans in different parts of the world. Here the Brazilian berimbau is played by Susan Mokelke, alone and with a rattle, providing a unique, effective sound for journeying.

The historical record shows that the musical bow is an instrument once utilized by many tribal shamans in different parts of the world. Judging from a cave painting in southwestern France, it has been used by shamans since at least 15,000 BC. This subtle instrument produces a barely audible rhythm, allowing a shaman to use it for journeying or calling the spirits without making the loud noise on the drum.

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