Neuroscience for Psychotherapists - CE Credits

Neuroscience for Psychotherapists - CE Credits

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While many therapists have heard about the revolution taking place in neuroscience and how it impacts the clinical practice of psychotherapy, most are unsure where to start. Many of us are a bit wary about the brain and its relevance in helping clients who are suffering and in search of more adaptive ways of living.

Linda Graham, MFT, author of the acclaimed Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being, will provide you with the theory and clinical tools that you need to start applying discoveries in the fields of neuroscience and neuroplasticity to your work with clients. She takes therapists at all levels and orientations through the essential theory and applications that are most relevant in helping our clients in practical ways.

Through both didactic and skills-based training, we’ll look at:

• The nature of working with conditioning and reforming neural pathways
• Encoding new neural circuitry
• The role of the therapeutic relationship in rewiring the brain
• Applying body-based and somatic tools and practices
• Regulating the nervous system and the fight-flight-freeze response
• Cultivating positive emotions
• The revolutionary practice of mindful self-compassion
• Cultivating both interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence
• The practice of mindfulness and its ability to rewire the brain
• Helping your clients learn to take care of their brains and nervous systems

In addition, you’ll gain useful skill training that includes somatic tools to recover a baseline physiological equilibrium; self-compassion practices that mitigate the harshness of the inner critic to promote resilience; memory deconsolidation-reconsolidation techniques to rewire traumatic memories and heal toxic shame; mindfulness practices to foster wise decision-making; the cultivation of positive emotions that combat the brain’s negativity bias; relational intelligence skills to create healthier, more empathic relationships; and more.



CE Credits

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