P.M. Yoga Melodies

Evening Music for Yoga and Relaxation
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Listen during evening yoga, meditation, and simply to unwind from a busy day.
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Millions of people turn to yoga for physical and spiritual balance. Music can help us in the same way. Brian Scott Bennett is an internationally recognized composer and yoga teacher who brings together an illustrious career of composing Hollywood soundtracks with his understanding of breath, energy, and spirit to create these uplifting musical tapestries.

Whether you practice yoga or not, P.M. Yoga Melodies can be a way for you to easily enjoy the calm awareness and graceful ease that make yoga so popular. P.M. Yoga Melodies helps you turn from the outer activities of your day to peaceful inner awareness while you unwind in whatever way you choose, whether it is yoga, meditation, or resting in an easy chair preparing for a night of rejuvenating sleep.

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Contents Digital Audio (1 hour)
Product Code RC03139W
ISBN Number 978-1-60297-031-1
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