PMP 3.0 - Starter Kit

PMP 3.0 - Starter Kit

The beginners Biofield Entrainment Program introduces technologies for enhanced meditative states.

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How Do the Profound Meditation Programs Work?

PMP 3.0 uses iAwake’s unique Biofield Entrainment Technology, which integrates proven brainwave entrainment principles with digital encoding of the newest insights from the fields of energy medicine and brain research.

iAwake audio technology goes beyond conventional binaural sound techniques by incorporating multiple layers of exclusive entrainment technologies, psychoacoustic techniques, customized dynamic brainwave patterns, and energetic biofield principles to support a more natural meditation experience.

Immerse yourself in a rich and soothing soundscape of sonic textures while layers of audible and inaudible tones, frequencies, and energies work synergistically with your brain and biofield, opening up new neural pathways, nudging existing ones, and facilitating coherence in your biofield and energetic system. Your brain receives a gentle workout, leaving you invigorated and refreshed, providing coherence in the outer—so you can master the inner.

What You Will Receive in the Starter Kit— More Than Two Hours of Audio. Includes 6 tracks, plus a 20-minute bonus track.

  • Primary Meditation Tier 1. The foundation for a transformative daily meditation practice. Just like great musicians and athletes have core exercises or routines that they always return to, you’ll want to come back to these tracks again and again—even if you consider yourself experienced or advanced. (3 tracks, 60 minutes)
  • Releasing Meditation. Innovative tracks that allow your brain and body to integrate and rest between periods of more intensive meditation. These tracks evoke the brainwave patterns scientifically correlated with deep emotional release. Use them on days when you feel the need to recover or to release emotional blocks and tensions. (3 tracks, 60 minutes)
  • Bonus! Flow State. Included with your PMP 3.0 Starter Kit option, this session entrains your mind to a set of precise frequencies arranged to facilitate effortless focus, accelerated learning, engaged cognitive functioning, and peak performance. (1 track, 20 minutes)

“iAwake technologies have continued their pioneering research into brain/mind sound technology with their latest release of Profound Meditation 3.0. I’ve been a fan of their products from the beginning, and I can say that they just keep getting better. So if you’ve never tried binaural beat technology—and especially if you have!—by all means check out their latest. I think you won’t be disappointed.”
—Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

Evolve and deepen your spiritual life. Establish a daily practice that sticks. The most important thing about meditation is actually doing it. Profound Meditation makes it easy to love your practice, so you're more likely to meditate regularly—and reap the benefits.

Enhance your focus, flow, and performance. Meditation is not just about sitting still. It's about showing up in the world with capacity, integrity, and strength. When you can be with your own mind, you can handle anything.

Experience deep and more restful sleep. Do you wake up groggy? Are you tired of being tired? Discover how your quality of sleep improves when your brain learns how to relax deeply on a regular basis.

Recover quickly from stress. Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression, fortifying your brainwave and biofield patterns to respond with greater confidence to whatever life throws at you.

Discover how easy it is to meditate. You don't need to be a monk or recite secret mantras to experience the profound benefits of meditation. Simply put on your headphones, press play, sit quietly, breathe, and listen.

Enter the zone more easily. Find increased vigor, power, and engagement in work, play, and all your practices—sports, yoga, weight training, etc.

Clear your mind. Stop the feeling of constant distraction. Cultivate laser-like focus in your projects and deep presence in your life.

Three ways the Profound Meditation Starter Kit can transform your meditation—and your life:

  1. Realize deeper states of clarity, freedom, and insight—more consistently. If you’ve struggled with traditional meditation or starting a meditation practice—or if you already have a practice but feel you’ve been stuck on one level for too long—Profound Meditation can make your meditation sessions more powerful, more blissful, more … there. The more you feel it working, the more motivated you feel to meditate. And the more you meditate, the more the benefits ripple throughout your life.
  2. Dissolve difficult emotions and improve psychological resilience. As the Buddha said, “Life involves suffering.” Everyone experiences stress, anxiety, frustration, fear, pain, and sadness at times. But how we deal with suffering is up to us. The more we practice meditation, the easier it becomes to face stressful situations and process difficult emotions. Profound Meditation is designed to help us release negativity and live with greater lightness, flexibility, resilience, and joy.
  3. Accelerate personal growth and realize your higher potentials. We all have unique capacities and gifts just waiting to bloom. Perhaps for you that’s a writing, musical, or visually artistic talent. Or a gift for empathy and healing. Or it might include intuition, lucid dreaming, or mystical union. Profound Meditation supports self-actualization by cultivating brainwave and biofield states found in advanced meditators, peak performers, and creative geniuses.

Profound Meditation and Traditional Meditation
Profound Meditation is not a replacement for traditional meditation. Rather, it enhances your meditation practice. The wise and balanced use of technology can improve lives, and iAwake recommends using Profound Meditation in conjunction with your preferred meditation technique, which could involve breath awareness, witnessing, visualization, mantra, or any other form. The iAwake user guide provides simple meditation instructions that anyone can follow.

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