The Power of Self-Compassion - CE Credits

The Power of Self-Compassion - CE Credits

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Have you ever marveled at how some people manage to bounce back from challenges, stay optimistic, motivate themselves to achieve goals, and stay healthy and happy? 

Chances are, there’s a secret ingredient in their lives: self-compassion.

Self-compassion is treating ourselves with the same kindness, care, and understanding that we would offer to others when they suffer, fail, or feel inadequate. Hundreds of studies point to self-compassion as one of the most powerful resources for enhancing your emotional well-being. And while we all have this capacity within us, too often we neglect to strengthen and use it when we’re struggling.

Many are wary about being compassionate to themselves. We fear that being too kind to ourselves will make us weak or self-indulgent. Or that we need to be “tough” on ourselves to stay motivated and reach our goals.

Research shows it’s just the opposite. Self-compassion is much more effective than self-criticism—for your success at work, health, personal relationships, and fulfillment of your aspirations.

Since 2010, Dr. Chris Germer and Dr. Kristin Neff have been testing and refining strategies to help people develop self-compassion as a habit. And it works. In research studies and in real life.

During The Power of Self-Compassion online course, these two experts help you learn to:

• Cultivate lovingkindness toward yourself
• Face your pain with courage and acceptance
• Understand the science of self-compassion
• Motivate yourself with compassion rather than criticism
• Bring your core values into fulfilling actions
• Stay resilient when faced with emotional difficulties
• Care for others without losing yourself
• Feel more grateful and fulfilled every day

All of us have to deal with seemingly unbearable situations from time to time. That’s when self-compassion comes to the rescue: to help you meet inevitable crises and transform your experience through mindful awareness, a sense of common humanity, and self-kindness.



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