Through a Dog's Ear

Through a Dog's Ear

Music to Calm Your Puppy, Volume 1

Designed for puppies (2-18 months). Bioacoustically designed classical music for times when it's good for your pup to chill.

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Your young puppy’s hearing and relationship to the sensory environment is extremely fragile—especially during weeks 7–12 when many puppies are brought into their new homes. A puppy’s greatest malleability is during this human socialization stage. In this phase, pups are also weaned from their mother and separated from littermates. This is a huge adjustment! During this critical period, it is important to safeguard a pup’s sensory environment.

In Calm Your Puppy, progressive frequency modulation accommodates a young dog’s highly alert sense of hearing. High frequencies have been gradually removed to not arouse a puppy’s excitable nervous system. Significant modulation also takes place in the mid and low range; sonic areas that have the greatest relaxing impact. Psychoacoustic techniques of resonance, entrainment, and pattern identification also create a gentle sound environment for masking unwanted noises. CYP becomes an auditory trigger to help your pup transition from playtime to people or sleep time.

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When and How to Use this Recording

Depending on size and breed, puppyhood spans birth to 18 months.

  • Crating or puppy pen time
  • 15 minutes before being left alone
  • When left alone
  • Nap and bed time
  • Training time
  • Meal time
  • When introducing new stimuli or people to the environment
  • Toy chewing time
  • Teaching new behaviors
  • Grooming time
  • Canine massage
  • Socialization times

Play CYP at a very gentle volume. CYP doesn’t need to be played continuously. Times of silence are recommended.

The human/animal bonding time is one of the great rewards of having a canine companion. Puppyhood is the start of a 10–15 year relationship. Music and touch are a great combo and go a long way in creating sweetness between you and your new furry friend.

Note:For optimal frequency modulation effect, we recommend playing CYP on full spectrum speakers (not computer or tiny portables).

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