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Tara Brach has been practicing and teaching meditation since 1975, as well as leading Buddhist meditation retreats at centers throughout North America. She is a clinical psychologist,...

Customer Reviews for Meditation and Psychotherapy

By Robin
Date Added: Thursday 20 March 2014
I love this CD set. I've been listening to it slowly over the last month. and I'm loving digesting it in small pieces (I'm on CD #5 of 6, and I'm sure I'll be enjoying replaying it in the future). There's a lot of wisdom in these disks, and it's presented in a straight-forward, approachable manner that is tremendously helpful.
By Sharon W
Date Added: Thursday 20 March 2014
This is an extremely useful and informative presentation of mindfulness and psychotherapy. As a current psych major and long-time meditator I have been interested in exactly how mindfulness can play into the psycho-therapeutic process, in a practical hands-on way. I have found this to be a wonderful resource; I felt that I was actually attending a conference with Tara.

I especially enjoyed the meditations that are interspersed into the lectures, as well as the personal examples given. They helped to reinforce and integrate the intellectual understanding.

To Sounds True customers I would recommend as a good complement to this teaching Kristin Neff's "Self Compassion Step by Step."
By Heidi S
Date Added: Wednesday 14 August 2013
Great program. A comprehensive, experiential introduction to mindfulness, and inspired me to make mindfulness part of my daily life.
By jessi
Date Added: Saturday 6 July 2013
Thank you Tara, Thank you SoundsTrue.
This has been so enormously helpful - there are no words... not only is it very practical and wise help for the counselor in relationship to the client, but in teaching us how to engage compassionately and mindfully reaches out and pulls us so much more deeply into our own practice and helps us engage ourselves with so much more wisdom and compassion...
Again, thank you.
By Pauline Cecere
Date Added: Saturday 23 July 2011
By Mary Folger
Date Added: Monday 25 April 2011
Tara Brach's teachings, language, stories, and perspectives are amazing. She has stayed with me throughout the days and beyond as I've listened to Meditation and Psychotherapy. Thank you!
By linda zimmering
Date Added: Wednesday 9 March 2011
Very useful, something I will listen to several times and continue to benefit from.
By christina Grant
Date Added: Sunday 27 February 2011
Fantastic....great voice, great knowledge, great teacher....thank you ....i will be listening for years
By Sarah Parsons
Date Added: Sunday 31 July 2011
I am really enjoying this course and finding that it helps validate, expand and guide my use of mindfulness practices in my clinical work. I also like that the download comes with a PDF file as a table of contents to the audio files.
By Sandra Scott
Date Added: Wednesday 23 March 2011
This is an excellent presentation on the use of differing meditation practices in professional practice. I also personally enjoyed it - an added bonus. It's one that I'll listen to repeatedly. Thanks for a great audio learning experience.
By Annelie Fleischer
Date Added: Monday 21 May 2012
Unfortunately, I have not yet received the material to work with, please advise.

Best regards
Annelie Fleischer

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