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Product Review (submitted on November 16, 2010):

The premise of this audio course is built upon one fundamental issue, an issue that has deep ramifications for the healing community! Does hands-on healing work and can it be taught?

Be skeptical because its proponent and its healer Bengston are as well.This already separates it from any course I've heard of. What you have in this training course is a lifelong interest by scientists who has a quest for knowledge and sets out using evidence-based research skills to validate his discoveries in hands-on-healing and then some. If you haven't already read Bengston's complementary book Energy Healing as an introduction to this work or listened to one of the podcasts offered through his website (www.bengstonresearch.com) or SoundsTrue (http://www.soundstrue.com/) I suggest you do so.The reason is simple, Hands-On-Healing is an investment into time and is a path requiring commitment and altering thinking regarding how healing works. Find out why and read on!

What makes Hands-On-Healing remarkable is its unorthodox manner of radically shifting concepts that we generally find in the current healing community. In fact in these materials there is a discussion regarding one form of hands-on healing Reiki where Bengston contrasts his energy healing to that of the work of Reiki and its approach. He goes on to respectfully compare both allowing his skepticism to play into the energy of his Hand-On-Healing and contrasting it to how it plays out in the Reiki work. In fact he even goes as far as to play down hands-on-healing nor gets caught in over intellectualizing and posturing or word-smithing by acknowledging he doesn't know much of what is behind the results of healing and simply states "it's a kind of energy"! Ritual in the form of formalizing behavior or symbols of healing gets the same bad marks from Bengston and he is bent on deconstructing how the establishment holds to beliefs regarding how healing works. Impishly, he takes it one step further and invites us to play at healing or manifesting objects of desire, to engage honestly and not take oneself too serious! He has empowered himself in his radical skepticism by knowing his healing works, not how it works, but works just the same and has a large body of evidence-based supportive research to back it up - No argument here!

The skeptic with a capital S

Bengston's refrain on where this healing comes from is "I don't know" and therefore he becomes the embodied skeptic and his mantra is: I don't know, I don't know, I don't know leaving me asking what do I believe and wrestling with my own interpretations of what is known and unknown regarding energy healing or for that matter any healing. I found this koan like effect disconcerting, most likely because I need to know and the conflict of uncertainty although perplexing is challenging and healthy. His "I don't know" stance surprisingly offers a degree of integrity in the fact that it doesn't pretend to offer a panacea, it isn't teaching knowing hands-on-healing but working at a rigorous process to reform reactive thinking. This ground breaking of beliefs moves us into new ground plus new visual landscapes. At the end of the series of trainings we are given a number of instructions which if one is to accept them then one is to accept the fact that there are things that we take as gospel and here Bengston abandons his mantra of "I don't know why " and his modified skepticism is as a vapor trail simply asking that we believe, regarding issues of ethical behaviors. Bengston offers a clear cardinal rule - in order to successfully do this work with integrity YOU MUST ASK for permission to heal from the recipient, ASK for permission to touch. We are also advised on issues of integrity regarding transmission of where healing energy comes from, the identification of calling ourselves healers, and the virtues of being part of a healing energy. These are beliefs so Bengston the skeptic is grounded in integrity but based on what beliefs? It's my turn, I don't know. As I said, Hands-On-Healing is challenging and sometimes paradoxical which keeps us all in the wonderful mystery that healing invites us into.

Cycling, revolutionary

The radical premise that is the cornerstone of Hands-On Healing is that it attempts to reformulate brain mind activity through a method called cycling. To be objective, know that I did not attempt to master this technique. I simply am interested in this material from the standpoint of making it available and reporting on Bengston's work around awakening consciousness for the purpose of healing. What I can say from an objective point of view regarding cycling is that any practice that requires mind altering shifts in re-patterning thinking or reframing visualizations rarely are successful unless one is totally committed to the outcome, not the outcome of healing per se but the outcome of mastering the process. Here hands-on healing is singularly a process driven methodology. Its foundation of cycling structurally is a mental construct of a higher form of undetermined energy, a consciousness of undetermined source as compared to an assumption that most other healing modalities are integrated / grounded with spirit mind body. Because Bengston favors what he calls suspended beliefs system he doesn't prejudice his approach by defining what in fact the "it" is in energy healing - it doesn't concern him as a scientist. What concerns him is the fact that the results are measurable, that the techniques are replicable and that the techniques work and most importantly HEALING OCCURS and the process teachable and learnable. I won't downplay Bengston's idea of works. We learn that he is talking about healings working across fields of space and time, be it one mile or thousands, it matters not , does work and is supported statistically (Remote viewing and distant healing aren't new but this is taking it to a new level that supports field theory). Another aspect of the radical process is his preference for creating an ambience for healing that I personally find very nontraditional. Here he favors listening to Led Zeppelin versus some soft ambient music while performing a healing. If you can accept this premise (I'm still out on that one) then you are a great candidate for his other radical challenges regarding hands-on healing.

Is There a relevance here in being challenged in our everyday point of view regarding healing and energy. Can and should it be extended to states of wellness and wholeness. If taken seriously and worked at I believe (sorry Bengston the skeptic) that we can grow and expand our consciousness and for that I thank Bengston as well as for his courage in bringing forth his teachings. Clearly his approach is not for everyone, as no technique is, not in energy healing or any other form of hands on healing. Bengston knows better than anyone that he needs to walk a fine line on bringing forth this material and has adapted a playful elegance. In his own words he offers up the position of still being the student requesting that those interested in this work just try it, play with it and let him know. I think that's honorable and let me know what you think as well.

Finally! what's this got to do with guided imagery anyway?

Simply, at the core of this cycling revolutionary instruction is having and holding images that stem from one's own desire for wanting and clarifying that wanting so one can hold impressions that are personal and relevant versus scripted and prescribed.These then are tools for deconstructing obstructions allowing for flow to activate healing. I find that compelling and understand its value and potential power. As has been said many times in my guided imagery collective web site - the entire premise for the guided imagery collective is to explore advancements in the field of guided imagery and healing and this clearly is an advancement into guided imagery. It opens a new window into the healing space, opens my consciousness to reframe how I see and feel and heal! Good cycling and thanks Sounds True !