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The Transformation

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The Transformation

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Product Review (submitted on May 12, 2010):
best parts of the book for me :
1. Ainslie’s (and/or maybe his spirit guides) sense of humor always there
2. his willingness to share his less than exemplary behavior so that when you find yourself bawling your eyes out in the back yard about your bad behavior you can take comfort from knowing some one you now admire had unattractive moments too and moved on
3. giving me a guide to use every day for all sorts of issues I have, big and small
4. helping me know I’m not crazy
5. don’t be embarrassed to reveal my “hocus-pocus” self
6. I have spirit guides that won’t let me hurt myself

most helpful in showing me new knowledge for me by using the examples he chose :
1. when I think I have been a person who has lured someone into a relationship which is disastrous for them, maybe I should only take 50 % of the blame – and change my thinking to they copped out on me too, and compassion for them is the best route
2. my freezing cold hands and feet, which in this lifetime, drive me crazy, might have come from a death in a cold place. this year I found this more annoying than ever, now I think maybe it may have been an opportunity to try and give myself comfort about the event
3. I have 5 voices who are every day giving me advice – sometimes nicely, sometimes not – I thought these voices were past life memories helping me this time – so maybe not
4. even though I have certain fears that are stronger than others, and so took Ainslie’s online course – all fears need attention from me, for me to be the most in balance with my soul

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