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Red Hot and Holy

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Red Hot and Holy

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"How strange my journey was... life has led me back to you, my Soul."

Sera Beak quotes from the Swiss Analytical Psychologist Carl Jung at the beginning of the second part of Red, Hot and Holy. Jung wrote those words around 100 years ago in what he called his Red Book. It is an uncensored document of one man's search for, encounter and reunion with his Soul. Only recently published, 50 years after his death, it shows us the deep work required to retrieve our Soul and to become what he called, an individuated Self. It involves facing the dark Shadow of our unconscious wounds and projections, while reclaiming and embodying ourselves in all our fullness. Ultimately this journey helps us embody our very own Essence, the gift that we’ve come to share with the world.

It takes immense courage to go on this journey. But to stand up and reveal it to others (while you’re still in your 30s) is brave beyond words.

That is why I feel immense gratitude for Sera Beak and her own Red, Hot and Holy book. Here, in language we can relate to, even though it’s richly woven with scholarship on the world’s psychoanalytic, spiritual and mystical traditions, a girlfriend sits down with us over a glass of red wine and has the courage to share in the most intimate, heartfelt, soul searching, gut wrenching, deep belly laughing, and Real way her own incredible Love Story with the Divine. It’s her life’s search for an authentic and individuated way to honour what she comes to know and embody as herSelf: the Red Lady of her Soul.

As Sera’s story reveals, the Soul’s journey is a wild ride. And she shares it with us in all its messy and mystical detail. Holding. Nothing. Back. Because of this I couldn’t put this book down. She describes being flamed by a contemporary mystic, erotic acts of Sacred Touch, mysterious appearances of Red Lady cheerleading teams, her intense experiences with JC, MM and Sarah, their daughter, and months of nights and days in a Red Tent where, losing everything of her former life, she wakes to the tenderness of her own Beloved’s arms. The book ends with Sera’s ongoing act of courage: the fragility and fierceness of honouring and embodying this great Love.

Why am I so grateful to Sera for this book? Her uncensored and ‘heretical’ words have made it safe for me to reclaim and honour my own mystical experiences of being kissed (and slapped and embraced) by my Inner Divine, as SHe calls me to be here, fully, home.

In this way, Red, Hot and Holy is much more than an unputdownable sexy, sassy and ‘potty mouthed’ 'spiritual memoir'. It’s a map – scented and splattered with red markers (petals and blood) for each of us, should we choose to go on that strange journey back to find the Beloved of our own Soul.

Sera’s ‘map’ gives us courage to reclaim our own experiences with and embodiment of the Sacred Lord or Lady of our own Being. To show up as That, and to share It and Shine through It in the world. As such, this book is ‘an open-handed offering’, reminding us all ‘to shine our inner light.’ When Sera does this, it’s bedazzling.

Deep, deep Soul bows to you, Sera. Thank you.

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