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Unconditional Confidence

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Unconditional Confidence

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Product Review (submitted on November 30, 2014):

Energy of anger and depression are energy of wakefulness tapping into is like watering the seeds of enlightenment. One of the ways of strengthening anger and depression is our storylines and strengthening the old habits. Opening up and stepping into new territory wide and fresh are keep stepping. Train and open your heart moment by moment, no predetermined state, but new un fabricated moments is a brain creation. These are some words from Pema Chodron to unstuck from the rut. It is helpful listening. Feeling of self-loathing gets greater unless one train and balance, trust in awakened mind with complete freshness and not bound by habit. Start with open space, what is blocking? There is nothing wrong here with the energy the problem is we keep running away from it causing entanglement. It is so personal. When mind freezes into a view, dualism occurs. Lack of confidence reinforce duality. Relax your grip, let go of storylines and return to non-dualistic. Relax back to openness. Gripping is false security it is actually threatening. Anything can happen whether you control it or not. Face the facts.