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In Touch

In Touch

Product Review (submitted on June 18, 2015):
A lovely, important book. In my first reading (there will be many), I was soothed by the words, and style. It spoke directly to the most real part of me, it felt grounding...almost meditative. I found it deeply refreshing, like a tall drink of water for the soul (and spirit). John writes about what is timeless, transcendent, divine, essential, and real. And this book is all of those things! I say that I will read this book many times, because it feels like another passage or understanding will come into focus as needed for where I am in my life. This time, I underlined one chapter in particular...almost every sentence! And I reread it as needed, and I am reminded of who I am...and am not. As a psychotherapist, I have already used some of the "experiments" in sessions with clients. They are welcome guiding cairns. :) Of all of the people that I know in the world, John is an expert on intuition. I highly recommend reading this book. As they say, the truth will set you free. And this book is truth.

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