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Intuitive Eating

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Intuitive Eating

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Product Review (submitted on July 21, 2015):
I'm reading the book and look forward to receiving the CDs and am basing this first review on the book by the same title. I've long wondered why I can't TRUST my own body to make choices that are good for it. Seems like such a thing should be natural...I now understand that our over-intellectualizing of food habits has gotten in the way of a holistic brain awareness - where brain includes instinct, emotions and logic. So far, this seems like a very sensible approach for regaining one's own connection to food and making choices that work, based on feedback from one's own body - we are all as different as our finger prints and this program puts people back in touch with what works best FOR THEM. A great way to take real responsibility, naturally and comfortably!

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