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Warming the Stone Child

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Warming the Stone Child

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Product Review (submitted on November 24, 2015):

Heeling. Inspiring. Coaching. Making you grow in many aspects of your Self and in every aspect of the growing world. Expanding your character, your being; and setting you free. Super important work, beyond most of the much longer in content, and at the same time, much more shallow works.

This book will move you to another level, both in understanding and in feeling; both towards yourself and towards people around you. It is leaded with love and consideration from Dr. CPE, including her genius, present almost in every sound. Her voice and intonation is amazingly adapted to the moment of time of the story told, which helps you to pass extremely heavy material, (which in fact this book is, considering the painful subject it is referring to). I would recommend this work to everyone, as it is growing in us our humanity like basically every work of Dr. CPE, but for those who are un-Mather-ed, I would say it could be a major breakthrough in their therapy, in their understanding of life and themselves.

Lot's of love and thanks to Dr. Clarissa! You are a Stars Messenger, you carry the Light!!!
Aga P.