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In Touch

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Product Review (submitted on December 15, 2015):
“In Touch” has had a powerful impact on my sense of where I am on my spiritual path and how to proceed. In particular, it has helped me to open to present awareness at any moment by making somatic contact with my body. John identifies for the first time a set of “somatic markers of inner knowing,” specifically; a relaxed groundedness, inner-alignment, openheartedness and spaciousness.

Each of these experiences has become very familiar to me over years of practice, but I had never focused on them as practices in themselves. Doing so has had a powerful impact on my ability to use my body to make contact with the moment, and with awareness itself. The experience, for me, is one of falling out of my mentally constructed world and into a sweet and open presence. I feel a deep gratitude to John for his work here and I recommend the book to anyone who is on a spiritual path to inner knowing.

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