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Awake at Work

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Awake at Work

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Product Review (submitted on May 23, 2016):
I have applied mindfulness many many times at work – most often in remembering to try and be present with others. I am fairly introverted and have a tendency to want to zone out or leave conversations early. I am attempting to allow people in more and being in the moment versus trying to escape. One meeting in particular, I was co-facilitating and super nervous about it. My energies were all over the place that morning and I was feeling anxious and disassociated. I put my laptop down and took myself into a wellness room for ten minutes and locked the door. I closed my eyes and just visualized the meeting and visualized myself speaking clearly and knowledgeably. I visualized a positive outcome for all. IT WORKED! I emerged after 10 minutes of deep breathing calmer, centered, and more easy and clear. I was still nervous but I had reigned in those energies and focused them on something powerful and beneficial.

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