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A Unified Theory of Happiness

An East-Meets-West Approach to Fully Loving Your Life

A Unified Theory of Happiness

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The Western world teaches us that happiness comes from achievement—from setting goals and actively pursuing them. Eastern wisdom teaches us that surrender is the key, that we must let go in order to experience the great flow of being that is only available in the present moment. How do we take the best wisdom from both of these approaches, and honor what Dr. Andrea Polard calls “the two wings of happiness” that allow us to truly soar?

Discover Dr. Polard's groundbreaking synthesis of Western thinking and Eastern philosophy with A Unified Theory of Happiness, a warm and personalized guide for the transformation of consciousness that allows personal well-being and fulfillment to flourish. While our lives are full of ups and downs, Dr. Polard teaches us that we don't have to let these ups and downs control our experience of life. A Unified Theory of Happiness teaches you the skills to choose and accept happiness by illuminating:

  • How to navigate the active “Basic Mode” and the non-active “Supreme Mode” of consciousness to respond to life's complexities with flexibility
  • Tools to build ambition, competence, confidence, and connection—essential aspects of reconciling with life's fragility and building an engaging, authentic self
  • Paths to receptivity, tranquility, reliance, and lightheartedness—keys to accessing your natural connection with the whole of being, and realizing your non-dual self
  • The Theory of Elastic Consciousness—a balanced place in perfect accord with an authentically lived life

“Happiness,” says Dr. Polard, “is a complex path that becomes easy only as we walk it.” At last, here is a work that provides a comprehensive understanding of happiness that honors the full spectrum of life's offerings while broadening your experience of its inherent joy.


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Customer Reviews

A new, inspiring approach to happiness - A MUST READ! Review by Matthias Beltinger

When I received my preordered book of "A Unified Theory of Happiness," I could not put it down. I learned so much while enjoying a very pleasurable style of writing. The book is obviously very well researched, based on science and grounded in real experience, both of which makes me feel taken seriously. No gimmicks. Complex issues, facts, and theories are explained in a way that aren't over anybody's head and makes one even more curious about the subject. This book is a wonderful contribution to the deep longing I have in my life, namely how to find a deep connection with life without disregarding the necessity to function in this life.

Particularly I like that this book allows me to be who I am as a spiritual person, abstaining from telling me to go in a particular religious direction. I don't feel I have to believe in the Buddha, Hindi gods, energies, or a Judea-Christian God. The spiritual value lies in opening up to existence, to life, and all living beings. The principles of love, connection, compassion, receptive awareness trump everything in our happiness. I really believe that and feel strengthened in that belief now.

Lastly, I want to share that I really appreciated that the author has included so many exercises after each chapter, making the wisdom of the West and East more accessible. It is fun to fill out the happiness quiz which pointed me to areas in my life I would have not looked at.

Excellent book -- will read it many times in my life!

(Posted on 7/15/2016)


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