Core Values

Sounds True is a mission-driven business that focuses on multiple bottom lines and honoring all of our stakeholders.

Multiple Bottom Lines

Sounds True is committed to succeeding in terms of three bottom lines: Purpose, People, and Profit.

We fulfill our purpose by publishing titles that inspire, support, and serve continuous spiritual awakening and its expression in the world. Fulfilling this purpose is our reason for being.

We value our people by creating a workplace that fosters authenticity, personal growth, and community. The reward comes through evolving as individuals and caring for each other.

We create profits through working together creatively and efficiently. Optimizing our profitability enables us to re-invest capital into the business and expand our reach, making the other two bottom lines possible.

Honoring All of Our Stakeholders

We are committed to honoring all of Sounds True's stakeholders. This includes:

  • Our authors and artists. We strive to create relationships with our authors and artists that are based on partnership and transparency, and which are characterized by honest and open communication, equitable agreements, and a commitment to act with care and integrity.

  • Our customers. We value the intelligence of our customers and are committed to providing them with substantive, genuinely transformative learning experiences. Our titles are carefully produced and beautifully packaged and are backed by Sounds True's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Our employees. Through a positive work environment, health benefits for families, flexible schedules (when possible), and an employee training and assistance program, we invest in the well-being of all Sounds True employees.

  • Our vendors. We are committed to treating our vendors the way that we want to be treated by other companies—with fair terms and paid on time.

  • Our investors. We are committed to growing the long-term value of the business through careful planning and re-investing our profits into innovation and growth.

  • Our community. Through a matching donation program (matching employee gifts to non-profits two to one) and Sounds True's prison library project, we are committed to supporting those who are doing good in our community.

  • Our earth. We offset 100 percent of the power we use in our offices with wind energy credits, and we are committed to using recyclable materials to the fullest extent possible in all of our catalogs, books, and packaging.