Advanced Chakra Wisdom
Insights and Practices for Transforming Your Life

A cross-cultural master class in harnessing the energy of your chakras.



You know that the chakras are a powerful healing tool—but did you know that is only the beginning? By tapping into the full potential of your chakras, teaches Cyndi Dale, you open a gateway to health, prosperity, joy, and the expression of your own unique gifts.

On Advanced Chakra Wisdom, this world-renowned author and intuitive healer provides all the tools you need to explore your body's 12 key chakras, and to unlock the power hidden in each one.

A Cross-Cultural Master Class about Harnessing the Chakras

Most available resources focus on the seven basic chakras and their role in maintaining good health. Yet Cyndi Dale's experience as both a healer and a scholar has led her to significantly expand this picture of the chakras and their greater spiritual importance.

Drawing upon wisdom traditions from around the world—including Chinese qi medicine, shamanism, and modern science—she delivers a myriad of techniques for applying chakra practice to every aspect of your life. Do you know which chakra is most important for manifestation? How to use the chakras to explore past lives? Which life energies are governed by your eighth, ninth, and even twelfth chakras?

Using a succession of guided meditations to bring you into direct contact with your chakras one by one, Cyndi Dale helps you discover the dynamic properties inherent in each energetic focus. Starting with the fundamentals for beginners, she guides you with clarity and detail through practices that open surprising new doors for even experienced practitioners.

Whether your practice focuses on healing, strengthening your relationships, boosting your creativity, or experiencing unity with the divine, the chakras hold the key to realizing your goals. Advanced Chakra Wisdom brings you an indispensable treasury of practical techniques and transformative teachings for tapping your body's energy system—and realizing the boundless potential available to you through the chakras.



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Review for Advanced Chakra Wisdom Review by Christine S


Yes I am mega pleased with this CD, on Advanced Chakra Wisdom, I have learnt a lot I didn't know before so found it very informative.
Only complaint I can think of is at times Cyndi moves quiet fast, but this might be because she is American and I'm English ! but other than this I would recommend this CD to anyone who wants an in-depth knowledge of the Chakra systems .
Definatley Recommended. Chrissy (Posted on April 24, 2014)

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Review for Advanced Chakra Wisdom Review by Maria Dinis


Very helpful! The information about the chakras and the guided meditations, give me insights and healing. I use some exercises during my daily meditation. (Posted on February 10, 2012)

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Review for Advanced Chakra Wisdom Review by Anthony Rees-Andersen


very pleased with Cyndi Dale Advanced Chakra Wisdom Course - a powerful healing learning experience certainly opened my awareness - Cyndi has uniqueness a very lovely voice that calmly speaks to your heart - a very profound audio presentation - thank you. (Posted on November 28, 2011)

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