If the Buddha Were in Love

Insights from the Buddhist, Sufi, and Quaker traditions on how to connect more deeply.



Have you ever dreamed of creating more passion and fulfillment in your relationships, without losing your spiritual life or sense of self in the process? According to clinical psychologist Charlotte Kasl, the keys to love that we're all looking for are the same ones that mystics and sages have used for centuries to open their hearts to the world around them.

Rich with insights from the Buddhist, Sufi, and Quaker traditions, If the Buddha Were in Love is a road map for anyone seeking to transform their relationships into the spiritual adventure of a lifetime. Join this bestselling author of If Buddha Married to explore a variety of practical insights and topics including:

  • The nine bonds of intimacy essential to every couple
  • The chemistry—and mystery—of sexual attraction
  • Lies we tell ourselves—how to get honest with yourself on the path of love
  • The fear of intimacy and other obstacles to true connection, and more

Enriched with many insights from Dr. Kasl's own professional practice, If the Buddha Were in Love is a welcome guide for everyone seeking to transform a relationship into a true spiritual partnership.


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So full of heart and honesty and pure connecting Review by Kristi


I've never before heard such compassionate and deep, real, honest, true heart-FULL words on loving from our center, loving our own selves in order to love the other fully...

I would recommend it for anyone and everyone who is in relationship not just romantically but in any kind of relationship, as the ideas for communication and honesty and speaking from the heart can be related to any kind of loving connection with another.

Even Charlotte Kasl's voice is so soothing and loving, it's as if I'm listening to the voice of a teacher, guide, compassionate friend I've always hoped for...

She isn't preaching, she isn't telling us how it has to be done, she is sharing her experiences, as a therapist, as a researcher, as a listener of the heart, as a humyn living and learning through her own personal stuff...

She is speaking to encourage others to live from their center, from their heart, in order that more peace and real love can be experienced in the world. (Posted on July 12, 2018)

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Review for If the Buddha Were in Love Review by Openmind


Excellent! This (along with mindfulness practice) would have saved my marriage.

You don't have to be a Buddhist to benefit from this fantastic series. This is about relationships and how we create our own chaos and pain (explained well by Buddhist principles) and ruin our relationships.

If you're ready to move past blaming your ex or looking to improve your current relationship, this is definitely worth a listen. (Posted on July 30, 2014)

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Review for If the Buddha Were in Love Review by lee


awesome series! everyone should listen to this wisdom (Posted on May 22, 2013)

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