Keeping the Faith Without a Religion

For "spiritual but not religious" seekers, a touchstone book on finding your path of faith.



A Compelling Exploration of the Emerging Secular Spirituality

What is faith? It is not something we must receive from a religion, nor is it a quality we must abandon in order to be rational. "Faith is not the same as belief," writes bestselling author Roger Housden. "A nonreligious faith allows us to live with uncertainty, change, and mortality—to embrace life in all its sublime beauty." For the many who self-identify as "spiritual but not religious," Housden’s book Keeping the Faith Without a Religion offers us a way to embrace the extraordinary mystery of our lives without resorting to blind dogmatism or nihilistic scientism. He invites us to investigate:

  • Faith and belief—how our hunger for certainty and easy answers impedes the growth of a mature spirituality
  • Guidance for building a personal faith based on your own inner experience
  • How faith in life’s uncertainty can lift us through hard times—even when we know there are no guarantees
  • Love, joy, and beauty—what these experiences can teach us about the intelligence of the universe

Today, many of us seek a new approach to spirituality that honors both the rational and the mystical in equal measure. With Keeping the Faith Without a Religion, Roger Housden offers a guidebook for free-thinking seekers—an inspiring call to step beyond the need for one absolute truth and trust ourselves to the unfolding of our singular, extraordinary life.



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So much more wisdom for everyday life than the title leads one to anticipate Review by Jaki


This book came as an unexpected gift. My reading stack is so high that it could easily have gone to the bottom, or worse to the shelves, and never gotten read. But, "for some reason" I started reading it immediately and have started on
a second time through, and probably not the last.

In addition to addressing the title promise, sorting out faith, belief, religions, and "being spiritual," this small, brilliantly written, totally engaging book by Roger Housden, spoke directly to many of the issues with which I (as aging human) have been grappling for a while-- impermanence, slowing down, letting go (of everything), including intention, expectation, and pressure to DO more while I can), appreciation of LIFE in all its forms and energies, gratitude, and not taking too much of it (or oneself) too seriously.

This is a GEM of a read for everyone! Packed full of extraordinary wisdom grounded in experience as well as knowledge.
And a great gift. Thank you ST.
(Posted on August 7, 2017)

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Date Published March 01, 2014
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