Moments of Grace
Cello Meditations of Hans Christian

From celebrated musician and composer Hans Christian, an inner sanctuary of music illuminated by the soul of the cello. At once energizing and serene, Christian's solos merge with rhythmic and harmonic layers intended to rejuvenate and calm.



An Inner Sanctuary Illuminated by the Soul of the Cello

The music of cellist and composer Hans Christian spans many worlds—from the timeless sanctum of France’s Chartres Cathedral, to devotional chant audiences, to spiritual and New Age listeners worldwide. What unifies all of his performances is the power to draw us into a space of stillness and renewal.

Intended to evoke clarity, calm, and heartfulness, Moments of Grace merges his solo artistry with elevating rhythmic and harmonic layers, to unfold a suite of contemplative pieces for meditation, relaxation, and musical wonder. Also an excellent choice for massage and energy healing work.

Hans Christian is a virtuoso cellist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer who has performed on hundreds of albums spanning many genres. He was a founding member of the music duo Rasa and has worked with Krishna Das, Snatam Kaur, Girish, Tina Malia, Billy Idol, Robbie Robertson of The Band, and many others. For more information, visit




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