Neurosculpting for Anxiety
Brain-Changing Practices for Release from Fear, Panic, and Worry

When normal stress gets out of control, it becomes anxiety—a self-feeding spiral of fear and worry. But how do we stop it? With Neurosculpting for Anxiety, renowned teacher Lisa Wimberger offers the same mindfulness-based techniques she’s taught to thousands of firefighters, police officers, and people in high-stress jobs for changing your brain to enhance health, restore balance, and build resilience against anxiety. Includes on-the-spot practices for dealing with panic attacks.

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Millions of people today are beset by chronic anxiety conditions—yet pharmaceutical solutions often provide only temporary relief at a high cost. With Neurosculpting for Anxiety, Lisa Wimberger presents a proven method for addressing anxiety at its neurological roots. “We experience persistent fear and worry when our natural coping mechanisms for stress get overloaded,” Lisa teaches. “The good news is we can use self-directed brain change to bring our nervous system back into balance.” In this powerful two-session program, you’ll learn:

  • Why restoring harmony between the left and right hemispheres of the brain is the key to overcoming anxiety
  • Four guided practices for navigating stress and worry in a healthier way
  • On-the-spot techniques to deal with panic attacks

Lisa Wimberger refined her Neurosculpting® process by helping people in high-pressure jobs—such as firefighters, police officers, and first responders—successfully cope with the challenges of stress and overwhelm. With Neurosculpting for Anxiety, she offers proven, mindfulness-based techniques to retrain your brain for greater resilience, cultivate self-empowerment, and find lasting freedom from anxiety.

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