Somatic Descent
Experiencing the Ultimate Intelligence of the Body

You have within you the ultimate guide for your life—a direct connection to the deepest wisdom needed at this very moment. With this in-depth training program, Dr. Reggie Ray teaches us how to go beyond the veil of the thinking mind to tap the vast intelligence of your body. Informed by more than four decades of scholarship and practice, Reggie shares somatic insights and protocols to access embodied awareness and the source of immediate fulfillment.




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Engaging the Body As Your Source of Infinite Knowing

Most of us sense that our bodies contain uncommon intelligence—we “feel it in our bones” or notice it in our “gut instincts.” But is there something far vaster here waiting to be experienced? With Somatic Descent, you are invited to tune into the natural wisdom of your body, refine and amplify it, and explore it fully.

In this program, pioneering teacher Dr. Reggie Ray presents a fascinating audio program on this rich dimension of Tibetan Buddhism: how to go beyond the veil of the thinking mind to tap the wondrous yet wholly trustworthy domain of your body.

Beyond Basic Mindfulness and into the Empowering Realms of the Soma

For those who’ve worked with basic breath and body-based meditations, this course will be a revelation: step-by-step guidance into some of the most transformative and powerful experiences charted by Buddhism's vast maps of consciousness.

Drawing on decades of teaching and scholarship, Reggie Ray shares a 13-CD curriculum of practices and insights to access the deepest knowing enfolded in the Soma, the landscape of your physical body and the source of immediate and greatest fulfillment.

With him, you will learn: how your body is a field of infinite wisdom, the origins of somatic descent practices and how they transform us on both the neurological and non-physical levels, many meditations for connecting with and embracing the Soma, and how to integrate these profound changes into your daily life.


  • Your body as the field of infinite knowing
  • How to explore the wisdom of the Soma
  • Yin Breathing, Connecting with the Earth, and many other guided practices
  • Over 13 hours of investigation into the somatic dimensions of awakening
  • Requesting and receiving wisdom from your body
  • Supplicating the Soma
  • Extending your practice to daily life



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Life-changing - first time ever to meet my sacred self Review by Noa


After meditating with Reggie every day for five months, I just did the first part of the somatic descent.

I am humbled by this practice. I feel like I have just met my sacred self for the first time. I cannot even describe how powerful, blissful, emotional, and peaceful I feel now.

Just do it! What an amazing gift to humankind. (Posted on February 17, 2017)

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Just wonderful Review by Jeff


Working with Somatic Descent has been, and will continue to be, a wonderful journey. Ray's warmth, depth, compassion, wisdom, and generosity permeate every moment of this rich offering. With Somatic Descent, Ray has given us a fabulous gift - discovering the body as an accessible bridge to our unconscious, our soul, and the depth of the universe. I cannot recommend this rich offering enough. What a gift! (Posted on February 4, 2017)

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Classic R. Ray and Dharma Ocean Review by juls


Enjoyed the content and exercises in meditation and Somatic Descent. I have had a bit of experience with the Dharma Ocean website and teachings. I suggest using their site to grasp an idea of their Path and philosophy if you have not had the chance.

It is a compassionate and gentle sharing--so helpful! My gratitude for having this in my library. Regards to all. (Posted on November 14, 2016)

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Contents 13 CDs (13 hours, 14 minutes)
Date Published October 15, 2016
ISBN-10 1-62203-663-8
ISBN-13 978-1-62203-663-9
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Date Published October 15, 2016
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ISBN-13 978-1-62203-664-6
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Contents 13 CE Credits
Date Published December 20, 2016
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