Alpha Relaxation System

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Alpha Relaxation System

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Embedded in this musical soundtrack are pulses of sound that activate alpha brainwave patterns, leading you to healthful and enjoyable states of relaxation.

  • Based on over 20 years of pioneering clinical research
  • Experience beautiful and soothing musical compositions and 3D sounds of nature
  • Easy to use with headphones or ordinary speakers
  • Contains no spoken words or subliminal messages

“A variety of symptoms and conditions can result from prolonged exposure to stress, but these can be eliminated if we deal with the stresses in our lives on a regular basis.”
—Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

Reduce Your Stress and Tension

Listen to this program in the background during any activity to enjoy states of deep, healthful relaxation. These are the deep alpha states that EEGs show are attained consistently by experienced meditators.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s pioneering work has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks induce brainwave entrainment. Fortune 500 companies, healthcare professionals, clinics, hospitals, meditation groups, and individuals worldwide use Dr. Thompson’s many audio programs for deep relaxation, healing, inner exploration, and meditation.


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Customer Reviews

Less than the sum of its parts Review by Kit

The ocean sounds early on were very pleasant, but I kept hearing an irregular noise that sounded like a dog bark! Just a single one every 10 to 30 seconds. Very distracting and left me keyed up and turned off. I also don't like the rising and falling intensity and volume of the plastic-y synthesizer music.

Overall, pretty annoying.

(Posted on 7/26/2016)

not helpful Review by tina

Just as soon as I was calm and relaxed, a raised voice issued the command to "RELAX!" This caused me to jump and I found it disturbing.

(Posted on 4/14/2016)

Review for Alpha Relaxation System Review by Jim J

I used this for self hypnosis. Works wonderfully. I am also a fan of many of Jeffery Thompson's works.

(Posted on 8/13/2014)

Review for Alpha Relaxation System Review by Caddie T

I have been using this in fairly constrained settings (before an exam, for example) for relaxation and calming, but really understood its power the other day, when I went down to the local rocky beach with just my dog. I listened to both tracks on this CD, and went into one of the most profound states of mindfulness that I have ever experienced. Very meaningful and very powerful.

(Posted on 6/2/2013)

Review for Alpha Relaxation System Review by Kim

Quickly became one of my favorite cds. Relaxing & peaceful. Am going to also order this for my friend. Highly recommend.

(Posted on 4/10/2013)

Review for Alpha Relaxation System Review by David M

I like the ambient sounds but the synthesizer sounds annoy me. But the relaxation happens all the same.

(Posted on 4/6/2013)

Review for Alpha Relaxation System Review by Emily S

played it for my clients during massage, they did not like it as much as other cds

(Posted on 3/28/2013)

Review for Alpha Relaxation System Review by Benjamin B.

I highly recommend this album by Dr. Jeff! Track 2 is so relaxing (with the rain) and the ambient music is enlightening. A long time fan of Dr. Jeff, I encourage you to buy this CD if you're dealing with stress.

(Posted on 1/23/2013)

Review for Alpha Relaxation System Review by Anne Dubé

Très bien!

(Posted on 12/10/2011)



Contents 1 CD (1 hour)
Date Published May 01, 2001
ISBN-10 1-55961-829-9
ISBN-13 978-1-55961-829-8
Dimensions 5 x 5 inches
Product Code RC03081D

Audio Download

Contents 1 Audio download (1 hour)
Filetypes M4A, MP3, PDF, WAV, ZIP
Date Published May 01, 2001
ISBN-13 978-1-60297-085-4
Product Code RC03081W