Animal Speak

Understanding Animal Messengers, Totems, and Signs

Animal Speak

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A hawk circles over your head, effortlessly riding the wind. The eyes of a raccoon peer keenly out at you from the night. A spider spins an intricate web on your windowsill. Is this coincidence, or is there a message for you in these events?

According to Ted Andrews, there is: the universe is whispering its wisdom to you through the hidden language of animals. On Animal Speak, an original audio companion to his landmark book of the same title, Andrews presents an in-depth workshop to help you tap the power of the animal spirits in your own life.

Filled with stories collected from decades of teaching to students across the world, Animal Speak features:

  • How to determine your own power animals —your personal totems and allies
  • Learning to understand the "language" of animals —both wild and domestic
  • Methods and techniques for calling on the innate medicine of your animal guardians for protection, healing, and uncovering your own hidden strengths
  • The animals that frighten you, and how you can turn that fear into a healing force
  • How every encounter with a living creature can become an epiphany of the heart —as well as a message from the divine, and more

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Customer Reviews

Review for Animal Speak Review by Peter H

I really like it. I am already a fan of Ted Andrews and It is good to hear his voice.

(Posted on 1/15/2014)

Review for Animal Speak Review by William R

great story teller! well done, truly missed!

(Posted on 12/8/2012)

Review for Animal Speak Review by gwen mcgoveran

love this author easy reading very informational

(Posted on 4/28/2012)

Review for Animal Speak Review by kc

Ted Andrews has a way of speaking that keep your attention and it is a shame we have lost such a great man

(Posted on 8/7/2010)


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