Creative Journeys for Life-Healing


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The Inuit, Maori, and many other cultures have no word for art in their languages. For them, all life is art. Now, you can discover for yourself the pleasure and purpose of the creative spirit you were born with and become the artist you were born to be—with Artlife.

The everyday objects of our ancestors—their baskets and clay pots, dyed blankets and stone tools—were made not only to fulfill a function but also to express meaning. Making art was inseparable from living. Today, even though that connection has been nearly lost, says artist and teacher Ruby Seastone, you can still reclaim the art inherent in everyday life.

With Artlife, join Seastone for an extraordinary art-making process designed expressly for people who want to realize greater creativity in their lives but aren't sure how to start. Developed over a period of 10 years in Seastone's acclaimed workshops, and found only on Artlife, this program helps you release the fears that hold you back from making art.


  • A no-fail art program for self and spiritual discovery
  • Step-by-step methods for experiencing greater creativity—for newcomers, advanced artists, and anyone in between
  • How to think more creatively with nondualistic approaches to art and life
  • For anyone who is afraid—simple ways of getting started
  • How to bring a playful, creative spirit to every minute of your daily life
  • What to do when you're stuck
  • Your soul's true work—as told to you through your art
  • How to design powerful altars and rituals to effect change in your life
  • Breathing techniques to open your creativity
  • The art of grieving—and how specific art practices can help you heal
  • What you can learn from other cultures about art in everyday life
  • Your most difficult life questions, and how art can help you answer them
  • How to hear the wisdom of nature through your art
  • More than eight hours of visualizations and novel arts projects that integrate art into your life, including mask-making, collage, painting, visionary maps, sculpture, talismans, mandalas, and more

Through gentle, hands-on, creative journeys, Seastone provides simple instructions for dozens of lively and challenging art activities. As you paint and collage, draw and sculpt, create ritual, and play, you will learn how to access a universal creative wisdom. This wisdom, teaches Seastone, brings insight into the soul's true purpose, transforming your very life into a creative act. Complete in 12 sessions, Artlife provides all the guidance you need to start creating works of art from the very first hour.


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Customer Reviews

More art therapy than Artlife Review by Anne

I purchased Artlife looking for ideas I could use in my creative practice in a visual journal. It wasn't what I expected. Dr. Seastone leads the listener through meditative exercises during which you draw or paint intuitively, without judgment, using simple materials. The purpose of the overall program is to reconnect you with your innate creativity. It's well done and might be useful to someone who was really blocked or for some reason, frightened of visual art.

(Posted on 12/5/2014)


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