Healing Trauma
A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body

A concise book-and-CD course with guided somatic practices to free yourself from trauma.



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Researchers have shown that survivors of accidents, disaster, and childhood trauma often endure lifelong symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression to unexplained physical pain, fatigue, illness, and harmful "acting out" behaviors. Today, professionals and clients in both the bodywork and the psychotherapeutic fields nationwide are turning to Peter A. Levine's breakthrough Somatic Experiencing® methods to actively overcome these challenges.

In Healing Trauma, Dr. Levine gives you the personal how-to guide for using the theory he first introduced in his highly acclaimed work Waking the Tiger. Join him to discover: how to develop body awareness to "renegotiate" and heal traumas by "revisiting" them rather than reliving them; emergency "first-aid" measures for times of distress; and nature's lessons for uncovering the physiological roots of your emotions.

"Trauma is a fact of life," teaches Peter Levine, "but it doesn't have to be a life sentence." Now, with one fully integrated self-healing tool, he shares his essential methods to address unexplained symptoms of trauma at their source—the body—to return us to the natural state in which we are meant to live

Includes 12 guided Somatic Experiencing® exercises.



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Wonderful Review by yehudit


Peter Levine is a wonderful teacher, clear, soft spoken, and encouraging. This one CD has numerous exercises for healing, that I have found so effective with clients who have experienced trauma. (Posted on December 15, 2015)

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Review for Healing Trauma Review by Laurel C


Great CD that teaches the skills very well. (Posted on March 8, 2014)

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Review for Healing Trauma Review by linda h


a concise doable method to manage and heal trauma. (Posted on November 22, 2012)

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Review for Healing Trauma Review by cindy


This book is incredible, it not only helped me understand what happened to me, it also helped to make and seek out the right people who could assist me in healing from the trauma. This book should be mandatory for anyone who works in a hospital, and for the Police, and Fire Dept personnel who deal with accidents, trauma. I have encountered so many people who didn't understand PTSD, and then tried to tell me that I didn't have it, when others said that I did, and I myself didn't realize how it was affecting my decisions, relationships, and my mental well being until I read this book which is very easy to understand. Dr. Levine not only explains what happens to a person who is traumatized he has lessons on releasing the trauma. I felt so relieved just by the knowledge, for the understanding, everything that I tried to tell people he talked about. This is a must read book, I have had so many people in the medical field tell me they understand this condition when they didn't which is critical in getting the right care. (Posted on December 29, 2011)

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Paperback Book and CD

Contents 1 Paperback book; 1 CD (61 minutes)
Date Published October 01, 2008
ISBN-10 1-59179-658-X
ISBN-13 978-1-59179-658-9
Dimensions 6 x 8 inches
Product Code BD01278D


Contents 1 eBook (94 pages)
Filetypes EPUB, MP3, PDF, PRC
Date Published May 01, 2008
ISBN-10 1-59179-861-2
ISBN-13 978-1-59179-861-3
Product Code BD01278W

Enhanced eBook

Contents Enhanced eBook (94 pages) with embedded audio (1 hour)
Filetypes EPUB, JPG
Date Published June 01, 2012
ISBN-10 1-60407-728-X
ISBN-13 978-1-60407-728-5
Product Code BD01278E