Leap Before You Look
Shortcuts for Getting Out of Your Mind and Into the Moment

Guided mini-practices to drop you into the infinite possibilities of the moment.



Perhaps you've caught a glimpse of who you are beyond thought—your spiritual nature—but now what? How do you live this as a gift and blessing for others? The answer is simple: practice.

Leap Before You Look is a collection of short, guided catalysts to shift you "out of your mind" and into the infinite possibilities of the present moment. What's more, these 30 "two-minute shortcuts" will allow you to embody this realization in your daily life, from one minute to the next, wherever you may be.

On Leap Before You Look, Arjuna Ardagh invites you to take the plunge into a life of unbridled generosity of spirit, moved by the flow of love. Join him on two provocative discs filled with insights and exercises that include:

  • Guided meditations to awaken radical insights about yourself and the world
  • Feeling and somatic awareness practices to flow with your emotions "translucently" while resting deeply in yourself and in your body
  • "Who Am I?" and "Ask, Is It True?"—radical self-inquiry to break through the false beliefs of the mind
  • "Here Nowing," "Rotate the Boss," and other family and small-group methods to nurture your connections to others

"These practices are not aimed at making you a better person," explains Arjuna, "but at declutching the identification with the habits of the personality." With Leap Before You Look, he offers you 30 immediate launch points to jump into "the exploration of a life of beauty, fully worth living."



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Date Published April 01, 2008
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