Merciful Awareness
Natural Pain Management

Three meditations to dissolve the emotional suffering that accompanies physical pain.



Use Your Mind to Naturally Relieve All Kinds of Physical and Emotional Pain

For over 30 years, Stephen Levine has helped bring the gift of meditation to those most in need. Merciful Awareness: Natural Pain Management is a direct result of Levine's remarkable experience with the use of awareness techniques in hospices and care centers as a treatment for emotional and physical pain.

We are conditioned to react to pain with fear, Levine begins, and our unwillingness to investigate it only leads to greater suffering. But when pain is met by merciful awareness, this internal war against ourselves dissolves. We join him for a three-stage, extended meditation designed to peel away the layers of armor around our hearts, and explore how pain stimulates the possibilities for deeper levels of healing and love.

Warmly shared, with a voice that has come to represent true compassion in hospices, medical schools, and pain centers around the world, Merciful Awareness is a culmination of Stephen Levine's service to everyone in search of the healing that goes “beyond even cure.”


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Date Published August 01, 1999
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