Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart
Living the Wisdom of the Jesus Story

Originally recorded live in San Rafael, California, Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart presents the first co-teaching program from Adyashanti and Cynthia Bourgeault. Together they explore what Adya calls “the power of redemptive love” as exemplified by the life and teachings of Jesus, and the path of kenosis—or self-emptying—that leads us to a direct connection with divine Reality.



There are times in every life when the heart opens and we suddenly experience a deep and intimate connection to all that is. This opening to love can come in a moment of joy, in the midst of great sorrow, or simply as an unexpected grace, unasked and unearned. In such moments, the resistance and separation of the egoic personality drop away, revealing an inner spaciousness without judgment or fear.

Spiritual teacher Adyashanti calls this discovery of our true nature “the power of redemptive love”—a love that delivers us beyond our stories of right and wrong and restores us to our original wholeness. Episcopalian hermit-priest Cynthia Bourgeault refers to it as kenosis, the path of self-emptying. This letting go, she says, is the path that Jesus taught—an openhearted surrender that connects us directly with the divine Reality.

On Seeing with the Eyes of the Heart, Adya and Cynthia explore:

  • How we can begin to embody this loving, heart-centered presence in even the most challenging moments of our daily lives
  • Jesus as a wisdom figure from whom we can learn these heart lessons
  • How the crucifixion, the resurrection, and other key events of Jesus’ life serve as a blueprint for awakening and deep surrender
  • Everyday practices for keeping our hearts tender and awake even during challenges and trials
  • Includes two guided heart-opening practice sessions led by Cynthia and Adya.

Note: Originally recorded in San Rafael, California, on November 1, 2015, and hosted by Sounds True founder Tami Simon.


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