The Art of War
A Faithful Translation of Sun Tzu’s Classic Teachings on Conflict and Resolution

A faithful translation of Sun Tzu's classic teachings on conflict and resolution.



At the core of this ancient strategy manual is the understanding that conflict is an inescapable part of human life. Since, as Sun Tzu teaches, aggression and response in kind can lead only to destruction, we must learn to work with conflict in a more profound and effective way. Crucial to this strategic vision is knowledge—especially self-knowledge—and a view of the whole that seeks to bring conflicting views into a larger perspective.

The Denma Translation Group’s presentation of The Art of War is a meticulously faithful version that carefully preserves the enigmatic quality of the original—allowing us to discover innumerable insights in its lines millennia after this oral tradition was first set down. Line-by-line commentary reveals the broader implications of Sun Tzu’s teachings and how they can be applied to everyday circumstances.

An abridged audio recording of the book The Art of War (Shambhala Publishing, 2002), Shambhala Lion Editions.



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Review for The Art of War Review by Lamees Mansur


This one I gave it toa co-worker who was interested in the material as it would relate to the internet games that he is into.
He told me on a first hearing, he could not relate it to anything. But he said he would like to hear it again.
I think I got this set once and then let it go as I could not connect with the teachings. From what I remember, it sounded kryptic.
Therefore, at this time, i cannot give you a direct experience review. I hope this gives some idea! (Posted on March 30, 2011)

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