The Inner Art of Meditation

A seven-hour intensive on vipassana (insight) practice for revealing your deepest truths.



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Course objectives:

  • Identify the four "near-enemies."
  • Employ the "four foundations of mindfulness."
  • Specify the steps of the Eightfold Path.
  • Predict the "five difficult energies."
  • Summarize what the point of meditation is, and what the point isn't.

Meditation is not a means of self-improvement. It is a way of discovering the truth and relating to it with compassion and honesty. Awaken to a richer spiritual life with The Inner Art of Meditation, a comprehensive six-CD study course about vipassana (or insight) meditation from Jack Kornfield. Of the two major schools of meditation, this is the one that teaches you the art of creating a foundation of awareness in your daily life. Zen monks draw from these same principles in their practice.

This is how to become fully mindful in your life—aware of your inseparability with all things and fully conscious that your actions in the moment create the patterns in your life. Distilled from a five-week workshop, this complete course offers more than seven hours of intensive, personal instruction from this respected meditation teacher and clinical psychologist.



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