The Realization Process
A Step-by-Step Guide to Embodied Spiritual Awakening

A sequential curriculum for attuning to fundamental consciousness.

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A Step-By-Step Course in Embodied Spiritual Awakening

It is possible to live more deeply, more intimately in touch with yourself and with the world around you. It is possible to experience your interconnection with everything, even as you express your own utter uniqueness. All it takes is a subtle inner attunement to your own body and mind. With The Realization Process, Dr. Judith Blackstone shares for the first time a complete audio training course in her original method for embodied spiritual awakening, through a series of transformational exercises taught here step by step.

Attunement to "Fundamental Consciousness"

At the heart of this work is what Dr. Blackstone calls fundamental consciousness—a primary dimension of being that is the basis of both our individual sense of self and the transcendence of our separateness. This is not something we can grasp conceptually; we need to touch it directly. "As fundamental consciousness, we pervade both the subject and the object of experience," she explains. "We move from imagination to actuality—to truly see, truly touch, truly hear." For the past 25 years in her psychotherapy practice, Dr. Blackstone has developed meditative practices for attuning to fundamental consciousness in oneself and in others. On The Realization Process, she guides you through beginner and advanced versions of these practices, including the core breath technique for accessing the body's central energetic pathway; seeing, hearing, and moving with fundamental consciousness; attuning to the three qualities of fundamental consciousness (awareness, emotion, and physical sensation); and relational exercises for healing and growth in intimate partnerships.


  • Undoing the "holding patterns" that impede spiritual realization
  • The subtle core—your entryway into fundamental consciousness
  • The maturation of the ego
  • How to stabilize and expand your spiritual awakening
  • Following your body's energetic "circuitry" as a path to deeper embodiment
  • Six hours of insights and guided exercises for transforming your experience of yourself, your relationships, and the world

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Great content, less great sound quality Review by Dani


I have recently started this programme so it is not a review of the entire package, just a comment that the sound level and quality are less than I would have expected. I have to put the volume on my computer up to maximum just to hear it at an acceptably comfortable audible level. The clarity of sound also is not the best. Hopefully this can be addressed for any future audio programmes by this author. I have not yet tried it with headphones (not always convenient for the exercises). But I am finding the exercises I've done so far helpful. (Posted on March 9, 2017)

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One of my top 2 picks for healing and well being! Review by John Stuart Mill


This method of meditation has transformed my life in so many ways.

First of all, I had a pretty rough childhood which included losing my mother at the age of 8, only 5 months after immigrating to the U.S. from Asia, and not knowing a single word of English. That, combined with a dysfunctional family to start with, left me pretty scarred growing up.

I read a ton of self-help books, and they all helped in some way. Went to a very expensive NLP therapist that charges $200/hour for about 1.5 years, and it helped me release a lot of old wounds.

After 1.5 years, I felt considerably better about my life and myself, so I stopped going to the therapist. But I knew there were still things I still wanted to work on regarding my feeling of safety and how I relate to others.

I was actually introduced to The Realization Process several months before I started seeing my expensive therapist, at a time in my life when I had been unemployed for about 2.5 years, broke, and had developed very severe anxiety around people as a result of my situation.

Because of my desperate situation, I was motivated to do the meditation every single day for a couple of months, and it helped me feel safe in my body and abated my anxiety so I could be calm during a crucial interview. I got the job, and thus began to piece my life together.

When my new job started back in 2012, the motivation to do the meditation waned because I was no longer in desperation, so I didn't practice the meditation again until I stopped seeing my expensive therapist.

I picked up my practice of The Realization Process again in January 2015 and also took a day-long workshop with Judith in Berkeley. Since then, I've been doing the meditation on average about 2X-3X per week for 30 minutes each time.

The meditation has helped me be more comfortable with taking up more space within my body, transforming my slouching posture to a naturally occurring vertical posture, helping me breath deeper and slower breaths. The end result is a greater sense of ease, self-possession, and safety.

I noticed that when I do my meditations regularly, it changes the way I live in my body, the way I move has a gentle sense of power to it, and others treat me with more respect as a result of me being more comfortable inside my skin.

I never really understood the term "comfortable in her skin" until I practiced The Realization Process. Then I understood it because being comfortable with yourself has very much to do with how comfortable you are living within the space inside your body. When people have experienced trauma, it causes them to contract their muscles in response to the stress, and over time, these contractions become part of the way your body is organized.

The Realization Process helped me reclaim parts of myself that I was not in touch with, by helping me to gradually release these inner contractions so I can reclaim my internal space and sense of power/safety/well-being.

It could do the same for you :-) Combine the meditation with Dr. David Burns's books on transforming cognitive distortions to help you heal both your thoughts and your body/soul!

David Burns's books that helped me transform my self-defeating beliefs and behaviors are: When Panic Attacks, Intimate Connections. (Posted on April 30, 2016)

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Really great Review by David


Judith Blackstone introduced a technique that was 100% new to me. Right away it clicked with me. Really great; I absolutely love it, and it is getting better every time I sit with her exercises. (Posted on December 16, 2015)

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Review for The Realization Process Review by Martha L


Amazing work! Can't believe I just discovered it. Tara Brach recommended her book The Intimate Life. My husband and I are reading it now and doing the exercises from the Self Realization audio program. (Posted on September 29, 2014)

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Review for The Realization Process Review by Rowena Z


This is a wonderful set of audio recordings read by Judith Blackstone herself and the program includes teaching sections followed by meditation sections. This audio collection is perfect in and of itself or makes the perfect companion to all the books Judith Blackstone's has written on the Realization Process. So far I have read "Belonging Here" and "The Enlightenment Process" and I am about to begin "The Intimate Life."

Judith Blackstone's work has been life-changing for me. Her teaching is so clear and compassionate. I have always been what I call a "floater," I didn't understand why or know that I had other options for being. Now, for the first time in my life I am feeling what it is like to inhabit my body, and I also understand the reasons why I was not able to before now.

This Audio collection is totally life-changing. I cannot recommend it highly enough. (Posted on September 4, 2014)

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Review for The Realization Process Review by Adrienne C


I have found this extremely insightful and helpful in my next steps of being present in the moment and inhabiting my body. Blackstone's Realization Process integrates things I have learned in the past and goes to a whole new level which is quite marvelous. (Posted on August 17, 2014)

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Review for The Realization Process Review by Ed H


I have not yet completed the program, having gotten sidetracked by other matters, but the first four out of six CDs have been very helpful for increasing my general conscious embodiment.


Ed Hirsch (Posted on June 25, 2014)

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Review for The Realization Process Review by Kate C


I love this programme (Posted on May 31, 2014)

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Review for The Realization Process Review by Tara B


I am finding this work to be completely re-organizing and re-orienting in a way that brings me into the center of me and all there is at the same time. A deep and serene and grounded sense of home has begun to emerge. I am beginning to live from the inside with all of consciousness coursing though me at all times. I hope this does justice to the aim of the program. In my opinion Judith's work guides us to bring the transcendent, literally, into the immanent, into life. (Posted on May 28, 2014)

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Review for The Realization Process Review by Sally S


Clear, concise, practical, and inspiring. Judith Blackstone is brilliant, and this CD course is a fantastic resource for students and healers alike. Blackstone demystifies enlightenment and offers simple and clear instructions for opening into our inherent wholeness. (Posted on April 12, 2014)

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Contents 6 CDs (6 hours, 19 minutes)
Date Published October 01, 2011
ISBN-13 978-1-60407-571-7
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