The Shaman's Path
Awakening to the Spirit World

Dr. Hank Wesselman presents a three-part curriculum on the modern practice of shamanism. Through practical exercises, teaching stories, and question-and-answer sessions, The Shaman’s Path shows audiences just what it means to join this ancient but thriving tradition.




Rediscover One of the World's Oldest and Most Enduring Spiritual Traditions

On The Shaman’s Path, author and paleoanthropologist Hank Wesselman, PhD, reveals something wonderful: from the African savanna to the Andean peaks to the volcanic shores of Hawaii, the world’s oldest form of spirituality still thrives. For more than three decades, Dr. Wesselman has taught why the central message of shamanism—that we are all manifestations of the divine—is more important than ever in a world undergoing swift and irrevocable change.

In this fascinating three-part program, Dr. Wesselman presents a wide range of tips and practical tools for stepping onto the modern shamanic path. Here you will discover beginning practices for navigating non-ordinary states of reality and contacting helping spirits, along with more advanced techniques for working with spirits for gaining insight and healing physical illness. Brought to life with evocative teaching stories and vignettes from his own incredible journey—including Dr. Wesselman’s friendship and apprenticeship with the famed kahuna Hale Makua—the lessons shared on The Shaman’s Path are perfect for anyone who has wanted to explore this most ancient of spiritual traditions, but didn’t know where to start.



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Date Published May 01, 2018
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