The Spirit of Leonardo
Seven Steps to Self-Realization from History's Greatest Genius

Discover the secrets behind da Vinci’s brilliance—and how you can use them in your life.



Spark Your Own Renaissance with the Seven Principles of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci's greatest masterpiece isn't hanging in the Louvre. His finest legacy was buried between the lines of pages upon pages of notes in his journals. There, bestselling author Michael J. Gelb excavated a series of seven practical principles that will empower you to think like this great innovator.

With The Spirit of Leonardo, Gelb reveals the inner workings of da Vinci's mind and the depth of his spiritual insight, and teaches you how to approach your own life with the same wisdom, awareness, and perception.

Inquisitiveness = Genius

Widely regarded as the world's ultimate genius, Leonardo da Vinci possessed an indomitable spirit and an insatiable desire to enter into the heart of creation in order to understand the mind of the divine. To that end, he showed a limitless curiosity, asking questions and exploring all things from many angles.

Michael J. Gelb expressed the same appetite for knowledge as he spent years devouring da Vinci's writings to comprehend the scope of his intellect. The result: seven da Vincian principles that begin with curiosità, the never-ending process of seeking, and finish with connessione, a recognition and appreciation of the interconnectedness of all things. These guiding insights will help you bring more efficient problem solving to your work, enliven and strengthen your relationships, and ignite your own spiritual renaissance.

Genius = Boundless Human Potential

Michael J. Gelb discovered the processes that informed da Vinci's brilliance and led to his remarkable creations and accomplishments. Now this entertaining, passionate student and scholar invites you to join him on The Spirit of Leonardo to enter the realm of endless potential. There, you will be infused with this timeless inspiration as you create your own magnificent masterpiece—your life.



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Review for The Spirit of Leonardo Review by Rob L


Practical, interesting, useful tips, a different way of thinking. (Posted on September 21, 2012)

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