Awake at Work

A mindfulness-based program to awaken creative genius and inspire a culture of engagement and excellence

Awake at Work

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Course Highlights

  • 9 insightful lectures: From the basics of mindfulness to the awakening of your own creative genius
  • 18 guided practices: Simple practices to help clarify and support you on your mindfulness journey
  • 9 journaling sessions: Opportunities to delve deeper into your own personal experience of work, revealing fertile areas for growth
  • Access to the Awake at Work Community: A supportive, on-line community where you can share your questions, musings, and wisdom, while connecting with others on the mindfulness journey.
  • Bonus: 52 weekly Micropractices, designed to keep you on track and inspired for a full year after the completion of the course

Get an exclusive 17-minute session for free. Visit www.AwakeAtWorkTraining.com to receive “Awake at Work: How Can I Realize My Full Potential?” a free session addressing mindfulness, neuroscience, and how a course like this can transform your work-life experience.

Based on her extensive work with Fortune 500 companies, renowned mindfulness teacher Anakha Coman skillfully and generously offers the same revolutionary insights and straightforward tools that have helped inspire dynamic innovation at an elite group of leading-edge corporations.

Whether you’re an avid meditator—or aren’t quite sure you know what ‘mindfulness’ means—Awake at Work will guide you through the process, showing you how the simple practice of mindfulness can help you tap into your own innate wisdom, insight, and resourcefulness. Through comprehensive lectures, illuminating journal exercises, and supportive, easy-to-learn meditations, this 9-week series will enable you to find focus, creativity, and true fulfillment at work.

Benefits of this Course

  • Understand the gift of presence and how it can empower you in meetings, projects, and collaborations
  • Reveal your innate creative genius by tapping into a state of “flow”—even in times of great professional or personal challenge
  • Increase happiness and well-being by developing a strong sense of purpose through the power of intention
  • Cultivate deeper, more meaningful relationships at work through the art of relational intelligence
  • Get to the root of workday stress and “overwhelm,” while learning new ways of managing these feelings
  • Discover simple techniques to heighten mental clarity, insights, and creativity while on the job
  • Learn how active listening makes you (and the person to whom you’re listening) smarter
  • Extend the principles of mindfulness into your life outside of work, including relationships and common, everyday challenges


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Customer Reviews

Unimpressed Review by Jack

I was a picked to participate in the 9 week program at my company, Lily. I have had extensive exposure to mindfulness training programs. This program provided no new insights or revelations to my creative genius... Albeit, an interesting spin, using the language of creative genius.

(Posted on 8/10/2016)

Reconnected with Joy Review by Lisa

Two main things came for me out of this program. The sad realization that I had lost my joy in life due to the busyness of our current life at work and home. Being more aware of carving out time for me at least one time per week, but every day if possible. That putting myself first isn't a selfish thing but a necessary task and only benefits all surrounding me. Taking time to quiet my mind on a daily basis really helps me to deal with all life's challenges and keeping perspective on the big picture helps me get through the rough spots. I have felt like a deer in the headlights and paralyzed. Journaling and really thinking about "what I am here for" has made a big impact already. I highly recommend this program.

(Posted on 5/27/2016)

Powerful Synthesis of Personal, Relational, Collective Mindfulness Review by Carrie

As a result of my engagement with this program, I have greater awareness of attention and inattention or mindfulness and mindlessness. I now have the ability to quickly integrate and lean into discomfort after recognizing resistance. I've discovered an ability to help others navigate their feelings, lean into discomfort, and be open to what comes next. I have an awareness of a shift from reaching to holding in versus interrogating as a coping mechanism. Greater awareness of struggles with control and quickly recognizing when I feel the need/desire to control versus letting go and letting things flow. Appreciation for awareness as my first step. I've experienced significant improvements in relationships and acceptance of others for where they are/who they are. Recognizing that people are dynamic and not static. GRATEFUL!!!

(Posted on 5/27/2016)

Bringing More of Myself at Work with Mindfulness Review by Ray

I have applied mindfulness many many times at work – most often in remembering to try and be present with others. I am fairly introverted and have a tendency to want to zone out or leave conversations early. I am attempting to allow people in more and being in the moment versus trying to escape. One meeting in particular, I was co-facilitating and super nervous about it. My energies were all over the place that morning and I was feeling anxious and disassociated. I put my laptop down and took myself into a wellness room for ten minutes and locked the door. I closed my eyes and just visualized the meeting and visualized myself speaking clearly and knowledgeably. I visualized a positive outcome for all. IT WORKED! I emerged after 10 minutes of deep breathing calmer, centered, and more easy and clear. I was still nervous but I had reigned in those energies and focused them on something powerful and beneficial.

(Posted on 5/23/2016)

Connecting in All Directions with Awake at Work Review by Jennifer

The most beneficial outcomes of the Awake at Work mindfulness practice is my ability to quiet my mind – to pause when I find I am feeling disconnected, frustrated, and misunderstood. That I can take a big, cleansing breath and take a couple of seconds to ask myself why? Why am I frustrated? Why do I feel upset? What is needed now that can help me with this? The environment at work has been for me, one that does not feel safe for me to be who I am. I am an emotional person. I connect more with folks when there’s a connection about who we are, not just what we do. I’ve also found that if I take the time in meetings to listen more intently with my heart and mind, trying to give others equal representation versus what’s the smart thing to say and do, versus what feels right and called for in this situation. Trust your gut. It knows!

(Posted on 5/23/2016)

Breakthroughs & Stress Reduction at Work! Review by Howard

One impact I've noticed is a large reduction of stress at work. I've been having more fun at work than I have had in a while. I find I am taking on challenges with a smile, and enjoying solving them. A turning point was about halfway through this course. I was given a task that I was not very familiar with. After 3 days of banging my head on my desk and making no progress, I was getting very nervous and upset. When I got home, I decided to go on a walk and not think about it. I forced myself to set it aside and just enjoy being present outside. When I got home, I laid in bed, in silence, trying to quiet everything. It was during this mediation that I had a breakthrough. I rushed to my computer, wrote some notes, then enjoyed the rest of my evening. The task I was stuck on was finished over the next two days without stress or anxiety. Since then, work has been going great.

(Posted on 5/22/2016)

Impacted Every Area of My Life and Work...Outstanding! Review by Swati

The most noticeable impact of this program for me has been clarity. The ability to sit with my own self and not get distracted by thoughts, worries, and clutter. When I am starting to worry or act on emotion, I am better able to recognize that it is just my thoughts – I can better sit with them and not let thoughts consume me and take up my capacity. This has helped me to be a better listener at work and at home – I have also been able to be more productive. I don’t get distracted as easily and I don’t do things just to keep busy. I have become more confident in who I am as a person and more clearly own what I bring to the team and others. I feel relaxed and at peace most of the time – this practice has helped me to take small steps even when I don’t have all the answers. It has helped me move things forward one step a time.

(Posted on 5/17/2016)

Empowered My Leadership with Choice Review by Kim

The most significant change or awareness has been with my ability to be at choice – to break out of automatic adaptive survival strategies of saying yes when I mean no and “going with the flow” and suppressing my needs or preferences to avoid creating disapproval or conflict. This led to feelings of sadness and depression and was also showing up in my ability to make clear decisions both in my personal relationship, but also as a leader at work. As I became more connected and integrated, I can sense, feel, and tune into what I need and want, and have discovered the ability to express myself clearly and directly. As a result, I feel more clear, joyful, and alive, and I am able to show up more fully in my relationships and as a more empowered, empowering, inspirational leader.

(Posted on 5/17/2016)

I didn't realize how much of life I had been missing! Review by Brian

Anakha's Mindfulness practice has profoundly impacted my personal life, my family life, my work life, and my recreational life. That's really the key -- to be more awake, aware, present in all of my life, and more connected with the lives of others. The benefits are too many and too deep to list.
Anakha has worked with multiple major corporations, bringing Mindfulness practices into the workplace across the US.
I had gone through other "leaders in the field" books and practices before finding Anakha.
Yes, of course she has studied broadly to select the material and practices that have been demonstrated to be most impactful. I see this as a tremendous gift she brings. She has put together a wonderful synthesis of available insight, and woven it into an effective experience.
I was part of her work at a major company, and have followed up with this online class.
I'm absolutely convinced that this is vitally valuable work, with material chosen, arranged, and presented very effectively.

(Posted on 3/31/2016)

Developed My Leadership Edge Review by JFS

Huge shifts in my leadership presence and my ability to lead with intention, choice, and influence. I had no idea how my mindlessness was impacting those around me. I went from reacted and distracted to much more present and focused. I am no longer reading email and checking texts in my one-on-ones and the depth of my listening and attunement with others has shifted dramatically. The program is high-quality, clear, and accessible. And after 9 months, the changes I created through this program are still in effect. Lasting change through mindfulness.

(Posted on 3/7/2016)

Changed My Life and Relationships Review by Lee

This online program helped me to move beyond life-long patterns that kept me stuck in habitual reactions in my relationships, as well as to engage more of my creativity, vulnerability, and risk-taking. The progression of moving through the landscapes of personal, relational, and collective mindfulness is powerful and relevant to how life moves. My connection with myself is deeper and truer and more consistent. My relationships are much more authentic and the reactivity that created unnecessary conflict greatly reduced. More flow, fun, and creativity as a result.

(Posted on 3/7/2016)

Life-changing Review by Rose

I started this program during a difficult period in my life, when work was particularly challenging. "Awake at Work" is thoughtfully structured. You can move through the course at your own pace, and it is a great combination of mini lectures, meditations, journaling, and self-reflection. Truly, it has helped me feel more grounded and less anxious, and has helped me clarify what's most essential. It's perfect for those new to mindfulness.

(Posted on 12/19/2015)

There is nothing creative, everything feels copy and pasted from the masters. Review by susan

I find the content to be a mixed bag of what already has been said and done.

(Posted on 8/1/2015)

Amazing program with the power to change lives. Review by Chris

I tool Anakha's class at Intel and was inspired to live a more authentic life in all areas of my life... Including my work. I highly recommend this program and experiencing it with colleagues from work is an incredible opportunity to show up differently and see your colleagus differently.

Thank you Anakha for your incredible offering.

(Posted on 3/20/2015)


Online Course

Date Published May 15, 2015
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